Pen Selwood Community Scheme

Scheme Information

Wessex Internet is excited to announce that we are in the early stages of planning a pure fibre community scheme in Pen Selwood.

Following demand from local residents for improved internet speeds we have put together a scheme in the area for pure fibre. This has now been approved by DCMS.

We are currently collating registrations of interest and we plan to hold a community event in early 2019.

Further updates will be posted here.

Latest Update


Our construction team will be in the area Wednesday/Thursday/Friday this week. They will be using the mole plough to lay fibre from the North of the village down along Underhill. Our directional drill should be in action on Friday in the North of Pear Ash Lane drilling under the roads.


Our comms box is now live!

The construction team will be heading to the area next week with our directional drill to start work on some of the road crossings. They are even hoping towards the end of next week they may be able to get the mole plough to start ploughing the underhill section of the scheme.


We have now completed the first stretch of fibre to where our new comms box will be located, in the North of the Village. Our technical team are working on the comms box build and our landowner team are working on the routes around the various parts of the village. Our landowner team advises the route is coming along nicely but there are still a few more dots to connect.


Progress is being made with the permissions and agreements needed for the scheme. We have started some construction work this week. This is from our existing network in the North, down towards Steels Lane and we will continue to work on the agreements downstream of here.


We are making good progress on the routing and gaining the relevant permissions needed to lay the fibre cabling. Subject to all of this being agreed we are aiming for the network build to be completed by mid-summer.


Thank you to all those who attended our community evening last night. We have now reached the minimum business vouchers required for the project to proceed and for us to start requesting residential vouchers. We will be in touch with all those who registered their interest.


We are nearing the total number of business vouchers required to fund the backbone of the scheme and we are now planning a community evening. Please come along to the Village Hall at 7pm on Tuesday 5th February to hear more about our plans to bring 1GB/s capable fibre to Pen Selwood. Click here to download the flyer for the event

Current Status

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Tony Harrison

Geoff Parcell

Jane Ashman

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Required Registrations


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Current Status

Planning & Agreements

Great turn out for our fibre community meeting 5/2/19. There's still time to register your interest