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If you are having difficulty finding your town or village using our search lookup, please see a full list of our villages covered below. If you cannot find your village in our list it may be that we cannot serve you.

If your village is not on our list below, please register your interest.

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If you are having dificulty finding your town or village in the list below please use the map opposite to locate your property. Use the [+] and [-] keys on the map to zoom in to locate your property. Click and hold down the mouse to move around the map. Coverage availability is highlighted in green.

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I can see my property on the map…
  • and it’s within a green coverage zone...
    If you can see your property within a green coverage zone then it is likely your property can receive the Wessex Internet service To order the service click here >>
  • and it’s less than 0.5mi outside of a coverage zone...
    If your property sits just 0.5mi outside of a shaded coverage zone we may still be able to serve you. You may not be able to receive our headline speeds of 30Mbs but we may certainly be able to imporve your current speeds. Submit your details below and we will contact you to discuss the posibilities. There may also be a good chance we will be expanding the service to your area soon, by installing a repeater nearby.

    If you feel there is a strong demand for superfast Internet in your area and you can show that 20 or so people are interested in signing up to the service, we will look at installing the service sooner. Find out more >>
  • and it’s under 5 miles from a coverage zone...
    Unless there is a clear line of sight from nearby homes and businesses to a suitably high location that could be used as a local wireless repeater site, (with electric), then unfortunately it is unlikely your village will be included in or next wave of expansion.

    If you are a business owner who knows of other businesses that may benefit from the service then we may be able to help if the cost of the installation and services can be covered. Typically we can save rural businesses £1,000s compared to the cost of alternate providers. By filling out your details below with as much detail as possible, one of our team will asses if expansion to your area is viable. Find out more >>
  • and it’s over 5 miles away from coverage...
    There may still be hope! By utilising a national fibre network, we can extend our services further afield. However this option can be costly and could only be justified if there was either a large business or community with 100s of residents looking to sign up. A site survey and feasibility survey would be required. Find out more >>
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Please contact us if you are still having difficulty or have any further questions and we'll be happy to help.

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Our three SME business broadband packages come with a static IP address, business-traffic priority, high data allowances and the ability to use your own router as standard.

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"The service is fast and reliable. All the staff and engineers are a pleasure to deal with."
- Philip Weymouth
"Since April 2012 I have enjoyed internet speeds up to ten times those I was achieving with BT."
- Guy Lintott
"Having superfast internet in rural Dorset is amazing."
- Vicki Lovegrove
Melcombe Bingham
"What I love about Wessex Internet is that their product doesn’t attempt to improve existing Internet services, it fundamentally solves the problem of connectivity in rural areas. "
- Ed Bersley
"The best you will get if you live rural and within its catchment. Wessex Internet is super easy to deal with and they do what they say they will do!"
- Jennifer Achiro
South Barrow