1. 1Registering interest
  2. 2Final planning
  3. 3Building network
  4. 4Connecting customers
  5. 5Project complete

We’re really excited to be bringing full fibre broadband to those that need it most in Huntingford.

But, we need enough interest and take-up in the area to be able to build this new network. Please register your interest now and spread the word in your community.

How it works

We offer free installation in your area with a UK Gigabit Voucher (UKGV) topped up by Dorset Council.

The UKGV programme is a £210m government scheme to fund full fibre broadband rollout in hard to reach areas nationally and Dorset County Council are adding additional funding.

In eligible areas residents can claim up to £2,500, and businesses can claim up to £6,000 excluding VAT, towards the cost of installing full fibre.

It’s really simple. We’ll apply for the voucher on your behalf and your installation is completely free no matter how remote your property is.

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