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The hamlets of Cripplestyle, Broxhill, Crendell & the surrounding areas had poor a telecom infrastructure resulting in sub 1Mb/s broadband speeds. Extending our network of fibre optic Cables to the villages will give all residents the opportunity for 1Gb/s broadband connections.

Following a successful community meeting in June 2018, we submitted our proposal to the Government’s DCMS team for funding the project.

Funding was successful and at the start of October 2018, work started on the project.

Work is estimated to be completed by the end of December 2018.

Latest Update

  • We are now dealing with the last few installations and any late registrations, if any of your neighbours are interested please get them to get in touch ASAP whilst we are planning the last connections
  • We are still completing installations this week (21st Jan) as well as dealing with any late registrations, if you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch
  • We will be continuing with the remaining garden digs and installations throughout January. If no one has contacted you about your garden/work installation please get in touch.
  • We’ve ploughed and drilled the fields around the villages
  • Over 15km of fibre is now in the ground around Cripplestyle
  • The garden dig teams are still working away
  • We’re now making customers live on our fibre broadband!

Current Status

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Siroos Tavassoli

Siroos Tavassoli

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Required Registrations
Required Registrations


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Planning & Agreements Complete


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Construction Complete


Overall Complete
Overall Complete

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