Lytchett Matravers Community Scheme

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Wessex Internet is excited to announce that we are planning a pure fibre community scheme in the area to the west and north of Lytchett Matravers!

Following high demand from local residents for improved internet speeds (and reports of <1mb/s download speeds!) we held a community event in August 2018. We have had our plans for the area confirmed by DCMS and currently we are agreeing and planning our route with the relevant landowners. Construction is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

Please note the above image is a drafted route that will change as we discuss landownership permissions and more registrations come on board.

Further updates will be posted here.

Latest Update


The Network build for the North and South West of the scheme is now completed and we are looking to start the build for the South East section (Middle Road, Eddy Green Road and Halls Road).

Our Engineers have been busy this week conducting installations for those who have had their garden works completed and both our engineering and garden work teams will be returning next week to work with properties who have issued Gigabit Vouchers and are in reach of our fibre network.


We have now completed the majority of the network build in the North of the scheme and our garden team are busy bringing the fibre from the network up to each property. Installations for those who have had their garden works completed are underway.

The next phase of the network build and gardens will be for the properties on Jennys Lane and Peatons Lane.

We are still able to accommodate new registrations so if you know of anyone yet to get in contact, please ask them to call us on 0333 240 7997


Our new comms box that will facilitate the scheme has now been made live! This means we can start arranging installations for the properties that are ready. We will start to contact those to arrange a suitable date in the next couple of days.

The construction team are continuing to work on the network build this week. Last week they completed a stretch taking the fibre into the North of the scheme, and this week they will be completing the stretch to connect this to what has already been laid in the West of the village.


The construction team have been busy laying fibre in the Northern part of Dolmans Hill and have managed to successfully drill under the road and into properties where we have issued vouchers. Our garden work team will be back to visit these properties next week to complete the cable run.

The pad for our new comms box was also laid this week.

Next week we are looking to extend the network to the South West corner of the scheme to the properties to the West of where Dolmans Hill meets Halls Road.

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Robert Ward

Robert Ward

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Core Network Construction

Week 1 Update - 15.04.2019

Week 2 Update - 22.04.2019

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