• My current broadband connection is fast enough!

      You must be a lucky one with access to superfast (24 Mb/s+) broadband from another provider? If you don’t receive superfast broadband, then it’s likely that you are missing out on leading edge services delivered over your Internet connection that can improve your leisure time, save you money or help with business to name three examples.

      Why be left behind, or wait for the incumbent telecoms operators to ‘maybe’ upgrade your area if you can receive a services from a superfast provider today?

    • I’m waiting until BT upgrades the exchange/cabinet

      BT has made it clear that they are only upgrading cabinets for their FTTC broadband in more populated areas. The commercials don’t work for BT and the other carriers if they upgrade small rural exchanges and village cabinets before ones in towns and cities. Even when they get around to the slightly more urban areas such as Blandford, Shaftesbury or Gillingham, we’re seeing that they are not upgrading every cabinet, only those in large housing estates and business parks. Upgrades will come in time, but not for a few years yet.

      We understand that some BT cabinets in villages we serve will be upgraded from Spring 2015. These are part of the Dorset or Wiltshire council schemes which have subsidised the upgrades. You would still have to deal with a provider who will want to charge up to £17 per month line rental before your costs of the service and phone calls.

      If Wessex Internet can serve you, find out how much you could save by choosing one of our packages, or give us a call.

    • I’ve heard satellite broadband is getting faster and cheaper?

      But have you seen the massive latency and low monthly traffic allowances? Satellite broadband has made some significant inroads recently and they now offer higher speeds, but your data has to travel over 22,000mi up to the satellite and 22,000 miles down to the Earth station (in Italy) and that’s just to send your request to view the web page. The data then has to travel back to you and that’s a further 44,000 miles of travel! The end result means that although your speeds may be good once a download is in operation or you’re watching a video, satellite broadband is pretty unusable for gaming, Skype, VoIP, video calls, and you’ll soon be frustrated with web page click-to-view delays.

      Wessex Internet’s wireless signals only travel a few miles, and so the latency over the air is sub 1 millisecond. Just like fibre, our wireless signals travel at the speed of light. Our round-trip-delay (RTT) to the edge of the Internet in London is sub 15ms. Satellite broadband has an RTT of 750ms in comparison! In 2013, it was announced that a number of satellite broadband providers have withdrawn their unlimited data (FUP) packages because they have run out of capacity. There are frequent stories of 1 Mb/s speeds on a 20 Mb/s service because of the capacity issues.

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