• Should I subscribe to a business or residential package?

      If the customer is a VAT registered business or if a business is trading from non-residential premises then their order needs to be taken on a business agreement. Such agreements are generally in the business name.

      If the customer is a home worker of a business (where they separately have a Wessex Internet or other ISP business connectivity) then they can go on to a residential package. Such agreements are generally in their personal name.

      If the customer lives at work ­ such as a pub or farm, and if the business is large enough to be VAT registered then they need to take a business agreement.

    • Why is business broadband more expensive than residential packages?

      Wessex Internet services are not only providing up to 50x faster download speeds compared to alternative rural copper broadband, but we’re also providing a 99.9% up-time financially backed SLA, 24×7 support, and prioritisation across our network. We’re in fact providing a lot of the guarantees that you only get with expensive Ethernet circuits. Chances are that the Internet is critical to your business, and we’re providing a compatible business-grade connection.

      Download our Business Connectivity Brochure here to find out more about the benefits Superfast Internet would bring to your business.

    • Can I use a residential package for a business?

      Put simply, if you are VAT registered business or a business that employs more than 10 people, then you will need to be on our business-package.
      If you work from home, are not VAT registered, nor have more than 10 employees, then you can use our residential packages.

    • Can I host my own email or web server on the connection?

      Yes. Business customers all receive a minimum of one (1) static public IP address. Additional are also available on request. The high upload speeds and low latency of our services can provide a very good platform for hosting your own server.

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