• Do you offer an email address and accounts?

      No. Our network is open so that you can use whatever email service you like. Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, Exchange, any IMAP/POP3 service will work with a Wessex Internet service. Please check with your current E-mail provider that you can use it from another Internet connection.

    • What email service do you recommend?

      It depends what you are looking for. Gmail and Outlook.com (previously called Hotmail) are two of the most popular free email services around. You can access them from any web connection, through a web browser, on your smartphone, using an email program like Microsoft Outlook. If you are an ‘Apple’ house, then iCloud may be for you. For businesses, you may consider Gmail or Microsoft Office 365 Exchange. Wessex Internet connection will work with pretty much everything.

    • Can I use my old BT broadband, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet,… email address?

      Yes. Typically these companies will allow you to retain your existing E-mail account even when you switch to a different Internet provider. We have many customers using their @btinternet.com address etc. You need to contact them to make sure of this before you cancel your existing contract.

      Some providers may charge you a small monthly admin fee to retain your old email address.  You may want to consider switching to a free, better, more portable web-based email service such as those offered by Gmail, Outlook.com (previously called Hotmail) or Yahoo.

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