• What do the customer wireless receivers look like?

      Most customer receivers are a 400mm diameter dish. As standard they come white but they can also be painted to blend it in with its surroundings. These are effective up to 5.5km from our mast site.

      Between 5.5km and 7.5km we use a larger 620mm dish.

      Below 2.5km we can often use a 300mm diameter dish.

      Below 1.5km we can often use a 200mm diameter dish.

      For anything under 200m we are able to use our smallest receiver which is is (h) x (w) x (d) 163 x 31 x 80mm or 6.4 x 1.2 x 3.1 inches, that’s the approximate height and width of a 1pt milk carton and half the depth.

    • Do I need planning permission?

      It depends. If you have a listed building, you will most likely need to seek listed building consent. If you aren’t in an ANOB and don’t have a listed building, then you can happily install up to four dishes/antennas on your building. For full details please visit the planning portal government page.

      Please remember that it’s your responsibility to check whether you need planning before we install the customer radio.

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