• Are your quoted speeds accurate and will I get up to 50 Mb/s?

      If we can deliver 50 Mb/s to your home or business, you will get 50 Mb/s. In fact we set our limiting rates at 0.5 – 5 Mb/s above your signed up rate to account for Internet overheads such as TCP headers, so you may well get slightly more than you signed up for.

    • I am in the catchment area and wish to order, do I register my interest?

      No, if you are definitely within our catchment area (because your neighbours are connected) please do not register your interest because your enquiry might be lost in the sea of enquiries we are experiencing. Instead, please place your order on-line. We can conduct a remote survey to confirm connectivity and hopefully get your new service installed within 1 to 2 weeks.

      Much of our on-the-phone discussions are with people who are proceeding and we are confirming they can receive service and ensuring they choose the most appropriate package etc.

    • I don’t know how much data I need.

      What do you use your Internet connection for? Just email? A bit of web browsing? Are you a large household with children? Do you watch BBC iPlayer and other video on demand services?

      • 100GB  = 74 hrs of BBC iPlayer SD or 37 hrs in  HD
      • 50GB = 50 hrs of Netflix SD or 22 hrs in HD
      • 20 GB = 3 – 6 hrs of web browsing a day (no video/music)

      Our average data consumption on our network is around 30 GB per residential customer per month. We recommend customers who don’t know how much data they will need opt for our entry-level service. For residential customers this will provide 20 GB per month, and businesses 100 GB per month. If it then turns out you need more or less, just give us a call or send in a change request via the website, and you can upgrade mid-term.

      We provide a live indication of your traffic usage in our customer portal. We also notify you by email when you reach 80%, 95% and 100 or 105% of your monthly allocated traffic allowance so you can make a decision on whether to increase your bundle – which we’re flexible to allow you to add or take away bundles. Order now.

    • What happens if I move home/office?

      If we have network coverage in the place you’re moving to, we can simply move the equipment and service to the new address (unless the new occupier wants to take over the service). A new installation fee will need to be paid which would cover the recovery of the equipment installed at your old address and the re-installation at your new address. Your existing contract term will continue for residential packages.

      If you’re moving somewhere that we don’t have network coverage, then our standard terms and conditions of termination apply. If you’re a residential customer in an 18/24 month minimum period and you move after the first 12 months of the service going live, then no penalty will apply.

    • What is your minimum contract period?

      For new customers, our standard minimum term is just 12 months from the date of connection. Business Ethernet customers are subject to a minimum 36 months minimum period. If you’re moving somewhere that we don’t have network coverage, then our standard terms and conditions of termination apply. Plus, we plan to offer some alike competitive packages when BT cabinets in some villages we serve are made live – the contract term is likely to be 18 months for these special offers.

    • What speed do I need?

      This is completely dependent on your requirements. If you are a single residential user, you may be fine with the Residential Starter option. If you are a large household and you may at any one time have multiple applications and services being used at once, then Residential Family+ may be the best option. You can change your package and thus connection speed at any time.

    • Why don’t you offer truly unlimited data options?

      We neither want to impose complex so-called ‘fair usage policies’ (FUP), traffic engineering to slow customer’s connections down once they use so much data, or have our network overly contended. We prefer to provide honest and fair terms, and in return we will provide our customers a completely open, unshaped or throttled and low-contention broadband service which we believe provides a much better, consistent and fair broadband Internet service for everyone.

      By offering ‘unlimited’ services without traffic shaping/ throttling, it could only take a few customers to cause mayhem on a network and increase the congestion and contention that would affect everyone.

      In practice customers don’t need ‘unlimited’ data and it’s very expensive to provide truly unlimited data with no fair usage policy, or complex throttling or traffic shaping. Wessex Internet therefore provides honest, transparent and fair services and pricing.

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