• Can I use my own router on residential packages?

      We provide a router as standard with the installation. Therefore you don’t need to supply your own router. We only allow business package customers the ability to use their own router. Providing and managing the residential router helps ensure the network is secure, reliable and high performing. Residential “power users” who need to use their own router must subscribe to a business package or in exceptional cases and after a disclaimer has been signed, you can use a compatible router.

      If residential customers require the default router settings, here they are: DHCP server on; default gateway, DHCP scope192.168.1.1-, UPnP on; firewall on. Residential customers may request a free change request once per quarter such as turning on port forwarding. Additional requests are chargeable at £10 per change.

    • Can I self-install the radio?

      Not at this time. We are required to professionally install the radio as we have to align the customer radio receiver accurately to a base station for optimal performance. This can only be achieved with access to our core network management tools.

    • Do I get a public IP address?

      Yes. Every Wessex Internet customer will receive at least one (1) public IP address. We do not use carrier NATting like some ISPs. Business customers are guaranteed that their public IP address will be static and not change.

      Residential customer’s IP address may change, but they have been static since the start of our network. Business customer may request additional IP addresses as justified.

    • What are your policies on Bit torrent and other PtP applications?

      We actively discourage customers using Bit Torrent or other peer-to-peer applications for illegal purposes. These services are excessively detrimental to our network and the Internet as a whole. The very nature of them means that many tens if not hundreds of simultaneous connections are made and an Internet connection can suck resources away from other users.

      Please make sure you read and understand our Terms and Conditions and Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy for further information. You are not anonymous on the Internet and if you are caught downloading illegal content and we receive a court order to reveal who uses a particular connection, we have to oblige by law.

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