Superfast Broadband has landed in Durweston

by Wessex Internet Team

News > Superfast Broadband has landed in Durweston

A message from Wessex Internet:

Hello Durweston – we understand that your internet speeds are mostly “fine” or “ok”, not Superfast but good enough for Netflix and iPlayer (when the local internet isn’t busy that is). However, our research tells us that as a village, you were really interested in what the now defunct Trailway Broadband scheme were promising – a fibre based service and superfast speeds. But the fact is…Wessex Internet can provide you with Superfast Internet today!

We have 2 masts that overlook most of the village from a nearby hillside and the backbone of our own service is also fibre optic. We offer a 30mb service, the process of change is easy and there are so many benefits. Have a look at our website for details and see how phone and broadband should save you money ­ and whilst your there, have a look at the dozens of wonderful testimonials.

So if you are a person who likes to receive excellent value for money, who wants the best and great local personal service, then we are the only internet provider you should deal with. If you are in-contract and would like to be with us sometime in the future, please get in touch anyway. We are getting busier and busier with installations, we have villages and communities queuing up for us to come into their area and those who have our service know it is awesome. Durweston, it’s your turn to get involved and get superfast.

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