Total WiFi Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions on which we supply our Total WiFi Service to you: please read them carefully as using our services, you are agreeing to the terms set out below. These terms are in conjunction with the Terms of Service for Residential Broadband service what to do if there is a problem and other important information.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about these terms or our services, you can contact us by telephoning our customer care team at 0333 240 7997, emailing us at or by using the form on the ‘Help and Support’ page of our website.

Wessex Internet Limited (WIL) reserve the right to amend the Terms of Service at our discretion. Please refer to our website for the latest version which will apply,

1. About Total WiFi Services

1.1 Our Total WiFi Services are available to residential who have ordered an eligible broadband service. The addition of Total WiFi Services will require your eligible broadband service to restart with a new minimum service period.

1.2 The amount you pay for the Total WiFi Service is shown as a monthly amount, including VAT on your Order Confirmation, payable in advance. Payments must be made by direct debit.

1.3 We may review our charges at any time, but any price changes will not apply to contracts which are still within the minimum service period. If our prices are to change, we will give you at least one month’s notice and you will be entitled to contact us to terminate our contract in the event that you do not agree to accept our price changes.

1.4 Our Total WiFi Services are subject to a minimum service period (12 months), which is set out on your Order Confirmation, starting from your Activation Date. You must keep and pay for the Total WiFi Service for the whole of the agreed minimum service period unless you or we are allowed to end this contract earlier.

1.5 As part of the Total WiFi Service, we will provide to you the number of additional WiFi hubs specified by you, to enable you to achieve at consistent speed in every room of your home.

1.6 WIL owns all WiFi hubs we supply to you to use the Total WiFi Services, unless otherwise noted on the Order Confirmation. If at any point your contract for Broadband services or Total WiFi Services is terminated, you must return all WiFi hubs provided to you (see clause 6 below).

2. How does Total WiFi work?

2.1 WIL Total WiFi Service provides a mesh WiFi system consisting of your main Asus ZenWiFi CT8 router and a series of one or more (depending on individual requirements) additional hubs, placed around your home. They are all part of a single wireless network and share the same SSID and password, unlike traditional WiFi routers and extenders. The mesh WiFi system will automatically use the nearest WiFi hub to the device you are using to ensure you have the fastest available speed on your network.

2.2 Due to the shared use of networks and factors outside our control such as access to 3rd party content and services, your internet access availability and speed may vary from time to time. In addition, the actual speed that you experience can be affected by a number of variable factors including your router and hub positioning, wall thickness and construction, size of rooms, presence of metal piping, electrical devices, fish tanks and other dense objects and the capabilities of the devices which are using the WiFi.

2.3 We do not guarantee that any Total WiFi services will extend coverage to the following areas:

2.3.1 Conservatories

2.3.2 Basements

2.3.3 Outbuildings

2.3.4 External garages

2.3.5 Lofts

3. What happens if I am not getting WiFi coverage in every room?

3.1 If you are not getting at least 10% of your package speed in every room of your home then please contact our Customer Support team who will provide technical assistance to make sure that you have the correct Total WiFi Service for your home size and construction, that the WiFi hubs are correctly set up in your home and none of the factors mentioned in clause 2 above are relevant.

3.2 If you have made all the adjustments recommended by our team and you are still not getting the speed and coverage specified for your tier of Total WiFi Service, then you may cancel the Total WiFi Service before the end of your minimum service period without having to pay any early termination charges. Your broadband service term will not be affected and your contract for broadband services will continue in full force and effect.

4. Can I change my Total WiFi Service during my minimum service period?

4.1 You may downgrade your Total WiFi Service to a lower number of hubs without incurring early termination charges, provided that you enter into a new minimum service period for the new Total WiFi Service. If you downgrade to a level of Total WiFi Service below the recommended level for your house size, we cannot guarantee the levels of speed and coverage you will experience and you will not be entitled to the benefits of the cancellation rights set out in clause 3 above.

4.2 If you decide to downgrade your Total WiFi Service, you will be required to return any additional WiFi hubs that were provided to you as part of your original Total WiFi Service. An administration fee may be applied to process your downgrade request. For further information on return of equipment see clause 6.

4.3 You may upgrade your Total WiFi Service provided that you enter into a new minimum service period for the new Total WiFi Service. If you decide to upgrade your Total WiFi Service, we will provide you with the additional WiFi hubs required as part of the upgraded Total WiFi Service.

5. What if I no longer want my WiFi service?

5.1 Your right to cancel. You have the right to cancel your order for Total WiFi Services by contacting Customer services within 30 days from the day on which you receive your Order Confirmation. You must put your request in writing. You may use the form which we emailed to you with your Order Confirmation to do this.

5.2 If you request activation of your Total WiFi Service within the cancellation period and we have started to provide the Total WiFi Service, you will have to pay us the cost of the services you've received up to the point when you notify us of cancellation, including the Activation Fee (if applicable). If you cancel your order within the cooling-off period, the contract won’t end until you’ve returned the WiFi hubs (see clause 6 below).

5.3 Ending the service during the minimum service period. If you decide to cancel your Total WiFi Service before the end of your minimum service period, then early termination charges may apply up to the amount of the remaining charges for the minimum service period. You must return the additional WiFi hubs (see clause 6 below), failure to do so will result in the full device costs being charged to your account. Your broadband service term will not be affected and will continue.

5.4 Ending the service after the minimum service period. If you decide to cancel your Total WiFi Service after the end of the minimum service period, then you must give us 30 days’ notice in writing with there being no penalties. You then will have 14 days after the termination of the service to return all devices to WIL. Should this not occur, WIL will recoup the full device costs.

6. Return of Equipment

6.1 When this contract ends for any reason or if you wish to downgrade your Service, you must return to us in the manner we request all WiFi hubs we supplied to you to the following address within 14 days of the end of your contract or cancellation under clause 5.1: Wessex Internet Ltd, Ranston, Blandford, Dorset, DT11 8PU

6.2 You are responsible for the costs of returning the WiFi hubs and for ensuring that the WiFi hubs reach us in good working order and are not damaged. If you don’t return the WiFi hubs within 14 days, we will charge you for any non-returned WiFi hub.

6.3 We will test any returned WiFi hubs and if any are damaged other than through fair wear and tear, we will charge you the full replacement value and may recover those charges using your usual method of payment.