A selection of some recent feedback

At Wessex Internet we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide our clients and we are delighted to receive many compliments from happy customers.

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  • "As a rural-based SME that procures and manages 98% of its business online, a good internet connection is essential. After signing up to the highly professional and efficient service of Wessex Internet, we have been able to significantly improve our customer response rates and the quantity of data we process.

    We can also wholeheartedly recommemnd this provider's service team - very flexible, often immediate processing of requests, transparent terms and conditions, easy to navigate customer portal."
    - Daniel Caiger
  • "Wessex Internet, thank you! Your engineers installed my service this afternoon. They were super quick, tidy and very efficient. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be back on line. The best you will get if you live rural and within its catchment. Wessex Internet is super easy to deal with and they do what they say they will do!"
    - Jennifer Achiro
    South Barrow
  • "A young engineer called very promptly at 8.30am (a very good start). It was raining and not at all nice out there, BUT what a pleasant experience, he could not have been more helpful!! He was patient especially with the two oldies who are slightly ignorant of technology! He explained everything beautifully, even though we didn't get it first time, and we have to say it was a really good experience. We would definitely recommend Wessex Internet after the service we have received, the ladies we spoke to over the phone on occasions were also kind, patient and very helpful."
    - Jim & June Parkinson
  • "Having Wessex Internet simply means we can get things done more quickly and efficiently, which is surely the name of the game in any business. Emails with large attachments get downloaded quickly, no problems with filling in grant claim forms on line, can check multiple weather forecasts in seconds, along with the very useful met office “weather observations”, showing recent rainfall radar images, which with a slow connection would take forever. I also like downloading the newspaper for a quick read with my morning coffee and using the Vonage phone system, both saves me a considerable amount of money and the various features, such as emailing answerphone messages to you are unbelievably useful. Then when the younger family are at home, they can do all their social media stuff or download films without making any noticeable difference to what I want to do.

    The service from Wessex Internet is second to none. On the very rare occasions that there has been some disruption, WI’s engineers have attended to the problem very quickly, usually within a few hours. Compare that with BT, where if you get any response in a few weeks you are doing well."
    - Justin Langham
    Langham Farms, Bulbarrow
  • "We have now had Wessex Internet available in the village for 4 months, and it is fair to say that it has revolutionised our working and personal lives. It is fast, efficient, and informative when there is a problem, which there rarely is. We have had one outage when the main mast was hit by lightning, but we were kept updated, and it was soon back online. The office and backup are excellent, with Customer Services available when you need questions answered, unlike BT."
    - Jeremy Russell
    Compton Valence Farms
  • "Utterly brilliant, I cant thank the guys who installed enough. My house is not in the line of sight but still they installed in a location that was, I dealt with the connection to the house. Best thing I have ever done. Why companies like this are not backed by the government or local councils to let them expand is beyond me. I am now happy working from home with 30MB down ( sometimes 33) and 10 up (sometimes 12) . When I had BT for 3 yrs, 1MB max and basically spoken to like I was some idiot . Thank you so much Wessex Internet. Job well done. Made the family very happy. No more complaints when playing online!"
    - Bernie Williams
    Coombe Bissett
  • "We run part of our overseas medical business from home and need good internet service. After moving from Devon to Dorset, we thought BT's internet service could not be any worse, but it was almost non-existent. BT admitted they were unable to provide a good service, and we were eligible for a grant from the Council. Our neighbour suggested Wessex Internet, and we haven't looked back. We changed our land line to Vonage and run our business seamlessly, all thanks to Wessex Internet whose service is excellent in all respects."
    - G & C Reid
    Margaret Marsh
  • "Excellent service so far. Great speeds, Vonage a success as is Extensions App. Very good customer interaction with technical team at Wessex Internet and the bosses take a real interest. Well done!"
    - Chris Stanford
  • "Great broadband excellent service and friendly staff, Vonage phone connection is really good too.
    I would recommend if you have slow broadband."
    - Kevin Barlow
    Iwerne Minster
  • "We had Wessex Internet installed yesterday - a whole 5 days after I had placed my order. They said they would be with me between 1 and 5pm and arrived at dead on 1pm. They then encountered a problem but instead of going away and saying it was someone else's problem, they dealt with it. All tidily installed as they said the would. Apparently it may not run at full speed until a couple of things are tweaked. The speeds I am getting are already higher than anything my satellite providers gave me. The service is not even comparable to BT - on a different scale."
    - Kate Sutherland
  • "What I love about Wessex Internet is that their product doesn’t attempt to improve existing Internet services, it fundamentally solves the problem of connectivity in rural areas. This then allows them to deliver a superfast Internet service to every customer without compromise. The Wessex Internet solution uses mature technology which gave me great confidence in choosing the service, but had the added advantage of being truly affordable. Installation was quick and we immediately saw a dramatic increase in our Internet speed, which ironically is now easily better than all of our city dwelling friends. Finally the bandwidth playing field has been leveled for all communities."
    - Ed Bersley
  • "Everyone in our house has been amazed since you installed our Internet, we can finally stream videos! Thank you! We feel we have joined the modern world."
    - Emily Leeming
  • "Wessex Internet is transformational and it works very well. I’m very glad I’ve got it. My last BT wires are being disconnected next week."
    - Bill Hall
  • "Thank you for a very good service. It has helped make a huge difference in how I live my life."
    - Edward Hoare
  • "We were delighted with the service Wessex Internet provided. They're telephone customer service was excellent, their engineers' knowledge was also excellent. They were able to provide solutions to the difficult challenge of installing wifi into our 200 year old listed cottage. We are very pleased with the results."
    - Alison and Keith Wright
    Aero Solution Services Ltd
  • "Since I first contacted Wessex Internet, I have found them to be very professional whilst remaining friendly and polite. They have a thorough knowledge of their products and provide excellent assistance when required, I am so pleased I moved to Wessex Internet. The process of having the point to point radio installed was fast and efficient, and the internet speed has improved massively since. I cannot thank Wessex Internet enough for providing me with the broadband speed I needed to progress my business which I run from home, online."
    - Susie Hill
  • "We moved to the area 2 weeks ago and Wessex Internet were the only viable provider. The staff were fantastic in setting up the account…friendly, helpful and informative. The speeds we have had have been what was promised and make all online activity very easy and at a reasonable price. I would heartily recommend Wessex Internet to anyone."
    - Graham Earnes
    Tollard Royal
  • "Wessex Internet are consistently providing high quality, fast, efficient broadband to my rural location. I have had no drop out issues and I could not be more delighted with the quality and service I receive. I get a fabulous product, great value for money and I would highly recommend Wessex Internet."
    - Karen Kebby
    Tollard Royal
  • "We would like to thank the team at Wessex Internet for the outstanding level service we consistently receive in terms of network performance, reliability and customer support."
    - Derek Townsend
    Weston Digital
  • "I would like to congratulate you on bringing at last a proper internet service to our village. Everyone that I speak to is delighted that at long last we can join in with services that were just not possible before."
    - Robert Innes
    Melcombe Bingham
  • "We were very privileged to have been being chosen as one of the venues to present the new broadband high speed service to our Village and surrounding areas. A number of residents switched over to their service and we opted to become a Wireless Hub for our community. This has also meant our location being chosen to host many small conferences and training courses for local government departments and businesses, as these clients are used to having fast network connections for their presentations. All the connections and dishes were installed without fuss and in a way so as not to detract from our hall’s appearance."
    - Niall Munro
  • "After a month, our experience was so good that we then took the next stage suggested by Wessex Internet and went on to a VoIP telephone using Vonage. The move could not have been easier and we now enjoy uninterrupted internet phone, using our existing phone number and with brilliant service for £60 a year to UK land lines. It has been a great experience particularly as we have had good old fashioned first class service from an industry which is not exactly noted for it."
    - Jeff Booth
    Child Okeford
  • "Wessex Internets Broadband is brilliant. I am getting about 15 times the speed I was able to get down the copper wires, and I do not believe that BT for all their hype will improve things in the near future. My sons concur."
    - Keith Yarwood
  • "In 2013 London Thoroughbred Services Ltd, an international bloodstock agency and consultant, moved to a new and extremely isolated site in the Dorset countryside. The move had many advantages, in that, the office is now located in the centre of my own stud farm, but it would not have been possible without a sophisticated communication network, which Wessex Internet have been able to provide and efficiently maintain."
    - James Wigan (LTS)
  • "We decided to take advantage of their basic domestic package together with the telephone service provided through them by Vonage. This has already saved us hundreds of pounds in telephone charges and the broadband is incomparably better than we have ever had before. Telephone calls to Wessex Internet are dealt with pleasantly and efficiently, and I regard this company to be a fine example of entrepreneurial spirit at its very best."
    - Bob Rowley
    Iwerne Minster
  • "I am a Freelance IT Consultant and have been working at Hanford for the last two terms. I have dealt with many problems here, but I have never had to worry about internet connectivity. The speed of our connection itself is impressive, but to achieve this in such a remote rural area is unprecedented. I’ve heard it said "the best customer service is no customer service”. I have never had to call customer services for support because I have never had a problem!"
    - Phillip Cloarec
  • "We’re very happy with the Wessex Internet service, with our previous internet supplier the internet was unusable at peak times and we were regularly getting speeds of well below 1mb. Now we have a fast (30mb) reliable service 24/7, can stream movies for the first time and with VOIP we have removed the need completely for a telephone line so the total cost is no more than our previous supplier."
    - Nick Payne
  • "We are delighted with the Wessex Internet service and from the outset our relationship with WI has been one of quality communication both from a customer service perspective and fast, reliable broadband. Your installation crew were very intelligent, helpful and courteous providing a discrete and tidy installation. Now the broadband speed means that the work experience is seamless between office and home. In fact, some of the download speeds are faster at home than in the office!"
    - Richard Coplan
  • "BT could only get us 1.4mb speed as we live outside of a main town. With three teenage children and the demand for information access, social media, films and gaming, that simply wasn't going to work. Wessex Internet installed the dish with no fuss and now all the family can stream HD throughout the house till their hearts content. As the family 'IT workman', life has suddenly got easier!"
    - Phillip Cook
  • "We are very pleased with Superfast Internet, as we can now use BBC Radio and TV iPlayer without suffering from constant breaks in streaming while living in the depths of the countryside."
    - Ulf & Alwin Greder
    Iwerne Minster
  • "The primary reason to invest in your service was to enable me to work from home. The previous ADSL offering through Plusnet/BT was struggling to achieve speeds of 2Mb which made home working very frustrating. We now use your 30/5Mb offering that works extremely well and allows me to work from home just as efficiently as driving to the office. This saves me 2 hours a day! I’ve also dropped the BT line and moved the phone to Vonage. The cost delta from Plusnet+BT to Wessex+Vonnage is actually very small (only a few £) for a significantly better service."
    - James Wilson
  • "Installation was very quick, efficient and straightforward. The speed of the upload and download are as described, which has made a big difference to our business operations in the office. The billing is prompt and clear."
    - Anna Mead
  • "Having signed up, the installation occurred on schedule (within a couple of weeks) and on budget. No hidden extras. The broadband I now have is as fast as it says on the tin, which is thirty times faster than my previous connection. Adding Voice over IP and ditching my landlines has now actually reduced my total phone / broadband bill. The Wessex Internet package saves me time and saves me money. I am delighted."
    - Mike Doyne-Ditmas
  • "We really appreciate an internet connection that delivers on both speed and accessibility without any drop out. Compared to our previous connection it's heaven. Thank you."
    - Don Harker
    Melcombe Bingham
  • "The Wessex Internet Service has been most helpful to us, making our business run smoothly and quickly. The Super-Fast internet has recently also helped us to secure a new tenant for our workshop."
    - Freddie
  • "A reliable internet service is vital to my work. Before changing over to Wessex I found myself struggling as the connection was so slow. Since using Wessex I have only one word to describe it and that's is FANTASTIC!!!!!"
    - Marcus Fookes
  • "We joined Wessex Internet in March this year, and have found the service excellent. The speed is as promised, allowing us now to access films/iplayer for the first time. Not only do the internet services deliver as promised, but the service provided by the staff is outstanding. Every member of the team is helpful and obviously wants the customer to receive the optimum service. In summary, I cannot recommend Wessex Internet highly enough."
    - Joanna Miller
    Higher Ansty
  • "The broadband is very fast and the packages well designed to ensure you get good value for money. We are only just in “line of sight” of the transmitter and Andrew in collaboration with the local land owner offered a number of options to provide me with a service, you certainly felt they wanted to help. The service is reliable and during the winter power cuts we got regular text messages from Wessex Internet on estimated restoration times. Well done!"
    - Jana Pietrzkiewicz
    Iwerne Steepleton
  • "My internet speed was virtually grinding to a halt being so far from the exchange until I changed to Wessex Internet. It has revolutionised using the internet at home and Wessex Internet make it very easy to change between packages depending on your circumstances. I couldn't contemplate returning to BT."
    - Sarah Fisher
  • "Our new online business was put at risk by an overhead BT cable that took them 8 weeks to fix. Shortly after discovering the problem, we moved to Wessex internet, removing the problem of old, risky internet access with something that gave us far greater resilience and reliability. Wessex Internet were very responsive, detailed and we no longer have any concerns about the integrity of our internet connection."
    - Nick Somper
    Sutton Waldron
  • "I have been delighted with the service right from the word go. Set up was tailored to my situation and you have always done what I have asked. I have friends living in towns who can't believe how fast my service is, even more so because I live right out in the sticks! If we had waited for the 'Powers that be' we would still be doing just that.......waiting.......!! Coupled with a VOIP account for my telephone, making the decision to move to you was a complete no brainer! Thanks for being there."
    - Bob Rosenthal
  • "A brilliant service from a quick-sharp, on the ball private sector provider that understands the key technical issues of rural super-fast broadband and delivers at a competitive price."
    - Tim Palmer
  • "I ran a global business and worked from home between my travels. It was almost impossible to guarantee connectivity at a business rate. Telephony charges were huge and skype rarely worked. Since having Wessex Internet I have no issues with telephony or internet speeds, my bills are less and the service fabulous. Having been in telecommunications business for 20 years, believe me this is praise indeed."
    - Jonathan Lobb
  • "I signed up for Wessex Internet as soon as I saw it was available in my village because it was promising speeds of 20Mb compared to the 1-2Mb speed I was getting from my landline based broadband service. I do in fact get up to 40Mb. It used to take up to 2 days to download a film, now I can watch it straight away."
    - Alan Collns
    Tollard Royal
  • "After years of frustration with BT and other suppliers, I switched to Wessex Internet in December 2012 and haven't looked back. The reason why I switched to you was the abysmal reliability of the copper wire service from the exchange, and the decision has repaid itself handsomely. The download speed and data handling have been excellent too."
    - Basil Purdue
    Iwerne Minster
  • "We have been customers of Wessex Internet for nearly 3 years. The service has been consistently reliable and I have been amazed at how quickly Wessex Internet has matured putting in place power backup facilities & service monitoring tools. I can truly say that having high speed broadband has transformed our use of the internet."
    - Carola Campbell
    Iwerne Minster
  • "The service has been a revelation, with 30 Mbps downloads and nearly 6 Mbps uploads. The simple transfer to Vonage has vastly improved call quality- and volume! We now pay less than we did to BT - to be able to clearly hear the callers on our phone ­ and enjoy 25x faster Broadband service."
    - Ian Bryan
    Melcombe Bingham
  • "When I discovered I could get internet from M12, I leapt at the chance and have not regretted it once. It has been a godsend, especially as the number of tablets, phones and laptops in my house has increased as the kids get older. We are now more connected than many people I know who live in towns! It's a fantastic service, and completely reliable. I'd recommend the service to anyone - it really has been wonderful."
    - John Carlyle-Clark
    Tollard Royal
  • "Wessex Internet are marvellous. The VOIP Vonage phone service is excellent and full of welcome features. It is also most pleasing to be a customer of a local business with responsive staff but the VERY best thing is the speed. Previously we had 0.5 MB/s, now with Wessex Internet we have 30 MB/s or more and we've saved money."
    - John Wesley-Barker
  • "Since April 2012 I have enjoyed internet speeds up to ten times those I was achieving with BT. Not only is the service extremely fast but it is also thoroughly reliable and I have had no down time at all. WI have transformed my working life and my family also enjoys the benefits of fast data transmission."
    - Guy Lintott
  • "I am delighted with the Broadband service that you provide. It is both reliable and fast, much much better than my previous supplier (BT)!!! I have recommended your services to many people and will continue to do so."
    - Lee Partridge
    Iwerne Minster
  • "We have found Wessex Internet to be a very friendly and efficient company, you deal directly with an informed and helpful person. The installation was within a few days of my order and by first class personnel who took great care."
    - Liz & Paul Whetham
  • "We would like to say that in an area not served by the major companies and trying to run an internet business of some size, the service provided by Wessex Internet has been invaluable. The service is fast and reliable and the charging structure is fair and transparent. Data top ups are at a good tariff and all the staff and engineers are a pleasure to deal with."
    - Philip Weymouth
  • "Having superfast internet in rural Dorset is amazing. For once we're not being left behind! It's really noticeable when surfing the web - pages load much more quickly. And when we stream internet radio there are less interruptions. We occasionally work from home too and it's definitely more reliable and faster for work internet-based applications."
    - Vicki Lovegrove
    Melcombe Bingham
  • "As a consultant, much of my day is spent in a virtual office of Skype calls, Webex meetings etc. and I don’t know what I would do without Wessex Internet. Using cloud storage extensively for data and file-sharing with partners around the world makes a huge difference to productivity. Colleagues often ask me to host calls because of the speed and reliability of the broadband service"
    - Steve Williams
    Iwerne Minster
  • "It is imperative for my work that I have a fast and reliable internet service, which I have always received from Wessex Internet. In fact it outstrips the service I get in London. The team are always helpful and the overall service is exceptional."
    - Alison Cowdell
    Iwerne Steepleton
  • "Although it is early days, I am delighted with the new service. Efficiently installed, helpful help-desk and finally an internet service fit for the modern era allowing me to work effectively in the country. Thank you."
    - Jamie Strauss
  • "We are extremely happy with not only the speed of the service offered, which, when you consider we are in the back of beyond is faster than many other places I use, but the service from Wessex internet, in keeping the service available, is exceptional, especially when compared to my previous satellite service provider. All this, and competitive costs as well.."
    - Owen Yeatman
  • "I am delighted with the service Wessex Internet has provided. I work from home and it has transformed my working day. I no longer have wait for tediously slow downloads and interruptions of service that was a regular occurrence with my former provider (beginning with B and ending in T...)"
    - Steve Whitham
  • "We are delighted with the service from Wessex Internet. The engineers came out specially to install the new dish, and within a couple of hours we were up and running with a very fast broadband service - significantly quicker than we get in London. When we have had technical queries we have been answered quickly and thoroughly. We're very impressed!"
    - Henry
  • "The installation was seemingly effortless and so far the connection quality and speed have been unsurpassed, even superior to my London office connection in the heart of the West End! This has been a fantastic innovation and has greatly improved and enhanced my “working from home” experience."
    - Paul
    Donhead St Mary
  • "Just to say our connection has been life changing! Up to this point we had dial up, and a limited broadband service via Satellite with speeds of around 1mb which was frustrating. Your service to the remoter parts of Dorset have changed that forever. We really can't believe the difference it makes.."
    - Michael Woodhouse
    Higher Melcombe
  • "From the time that I first spoke to Wessex Internet about getting their superfast broadband to the time of connection dealing with them was a doddle. The outcome is fantastic - I can now stream-video!"
    - Brian Palmer
    Tolard Royal