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by The Wessex Internet Team

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Since it’s ‘Earth Day’, we thought we’d share some eco-friendly practices we have adopted in order to be greener (because clearly our branding isn’t green enough!)

We’re incredibly lucky to work in beautiful rural locations across the south west of England daily; because of this we know how important it is to look after not just the countryside we work in, but the planet as a whole.

When you enter our Civils Yard, you will find yourself surrounded by barns, but if you take a step back and look up, you’ll see the roofs are covered in solar panels, wherever possible we power our buildings using this eco-friendly and sustainable energy source.

Another unique way in which we are playing a part to help the environment is by utilising a local wood chip boiler to heat our offices. The boiler produces heat by burning wood chips that are by-products from the wood industry, this means no unnecessary tree cutting. This method doesn’t just provide heat for the buildings but is also used for hot water, just like a regular gas or oil boiler.

You might be wondering what happens to the ash created as a result of the burning process, this is used to benefit the soil in the local area. Wood chip ash is a good source of lime and potassium, as well as other nutrients, which makes it a gardener’s best friend. Any extra ash that is left after this can go into garden mulch as it is great for vegetable patches.

As a company we believe in leaving the land we work on in the same way we found it which is why you will often see members of our civils team sewing grass seeds and returfing any areas that were affected during the build process.

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These are just a few ways in which we like to contribute to the environment, but there are also other small ways we can all help the planet. Simple things such as turning lights off doesn’t just help your bank balance, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint. You could also consider cycling to work or car sharing where possible.

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