Total WiFi

WiFi in every corner of your house for total piece of mind

Introducing Total WiFi

Our clever new service makes poor WiFi in some parts of the house a thing of the past. Total WiFi means the whole family can browse, stream, work or game online in every room from just £4.50 per month.*

How it works

More than just a booster or extender, our Total WiFi service provides a seamless network across your house, delivering faster speeds and a stronger signal to every room.

Unlike traditional extenders there’s no need to keep changing networks in your device settings. You can move from room to room with peace of mind that your connection will not drop out.

Banish WiFi dead zones in your home

Tri-band Total WiFi delivers fast speeds and a strong signal to every corner of your home.

Hassle free control and parental restrictions

Keep your kids safe with URL filtering and restrict time online with scheduling.

Always up-to-date protection

Free network security makes sure your privacy on connected devices is protected.

Set up is simple

One of our team will talk you through it on the phone, and with the ongoing subscription, we’re always on hand to help you fix any WiFi issues you have.

For more information on our Total WiFi service call our sales team on 0333 240 7997.

*Additional hubs may be required for large houses, or properties with thick walls.