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From the Cranborne Chase to Durdle Door, we connect communities across the Dorset, Wiltshire and South Somerset countryside to fast reliable broadband.

We're passionate about upgrading the countryside.

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Anita Le Roy
After a long wait for our connection, once Wessex were moving it was a very slick operation to connect us to the ststem. The guys on the ground were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional in what they did, made more difficult by Covid restrictions. We are delighted with our connection, having jumped from 1.8 Mbps (BT) to over 100 Mbps (WI). Thanks to you all.
David Critchley
It is brilliant that at long last , living in the sticks, we are able to access high speed broadband. Very neat installation with underground cables instead of overhead lines that could be affected by storms etc.
Paddy Webb
Very efficient and friendly service.
Geoff Sharp
Dealing with Wessex Internet was straightforward. The instalation team were helpful and flaxible about how they approached the job. An unusually enjoyable experience compared with past dealings with larger companies.
Andrew Pennock
Polite and informative while observing social distancing I am very pleased with the service overall
Joan Back
There were some mixed messages regarding installation - basically they turned up on the wrong day at the wrong time but since then everything seems to be going well and I have definitely noticed a difference in the speed - which is what its mainly about really!!
Brian & Julia Hunter
Great download speed and good service all round.
Installation was faultless. Great communication and a polite and friendly team. Internet is now installed and is both stable and actually faster than advertised.
Haj Muntz

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A local, independent and family run company, we're passionate about upgrading connectivity in the countryside in partnership with local communities.

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No location is too remote

Dorset businessman Gary and his wife Morag thought they would never get a decent internet connection to their home. Living in the middle of a forest meant that the major internet providers he approached considered the area too remote to provide connections to, and one told him that it would be impossible. But then he asked us to help.

“The team at Wessex Internet had a farmer’s mentality. They just started digging! They had to drag the cable under miles of muddy fields, under two roads, under two rivers then through a bog in the middle of a wood to get to us. We'd been told that it couldn't be done, but now have 100Mbps and can work from home."

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