Landowner information

Helping us deliver vital infrastructure to rural communities

Working in partnership with landowners to connect the countryside

We’re committed to building a full fibre network that connects and serves even the most remote countryside communities, and are proud to offer our customers broadband the way it should be - fast, reliable and affordable.

Using our pioneering 'soft dig' approach to building networks, and with the support of landowners, we're able to deliver full fibre to remote rural locations that other companies are unable, or unwilling, to go.

We're always delighted to hear from landowners in our area so to be part of our work to bring full fibre to the countryside, call our Land Access team on 01258 443035 or email

What is full fibre?

Quite simply, full fibre broadband is the future of internet connectivity for homes and businesses. It delivers ultrafast and reliable broadband which outdated copper telephone cables can't.

Not only that, it's future-proof, with enough bandwidth to meet our needs for decades to come.

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We treat your land with respect

Our experienced team is recruited from agriculture and understand farming practices and the value of the land we cross. Our trenchless methods and special non-invasive machinery minimise disruption.

Before we start we agree a detailed route with you to ensure we avoid underground services or sensitive areas.

Installation with minimal disruption

We use a combination of vibratory mole ploughs and directional drills to minimise trenching and disruption.

Full depth ploughed fibre

Full depth ploughed fibre

Our largest mole plough is used for 80% of our network build over agricultural soft terrain. This plough buries the fibre 750-900mm deep.

Midi ploughed fibre

Midi ploughed fibre

Burying fibre 550-600mm deep, this narrower, remote operated machine is ideal for verges and around business parks.

Drilled fibre duct

Drilled fibre duct

Our directional drill installs 32mm subduct at least 2m below tarmac, concrete and other sensitive areas - clear of all services.

Trenching under services

Trenching under services

Where services are found, each team has 3t excavators to dig a 600mm trench through that area. A duct is then laid, fibre pulled through and all trenches made right.

Our landowner offer

In return for access to your land we offer you...

Free installation

A future-proof full fibre connection to the properties on your land at no cost to you.

Lifetime discount

Landowners receive a generous discount on our broadband services in perpetuity.

Damage waiver

We take full responsibility for the cost of any damage to the fibre, for everything but intentional damage.

'Lift and shift'

We will move the fibre at our own expense if its in the way of any future development.

Our legal agreement

After discussion with our Land Access Team and agreement of a route plan, a Deed of Grant will be posted to you for signature. This is a simple plain English document and our friendly team will be happy to talk you through any questions you have.

We rely on free access to land to make it possible to reach the most remote communities. In return we offer free installation, generous discounts and remove all liability from the landowner. Therefore it is our policy not to pay wayleaves.