We are an independent ISP that uses our proprietary wireless and fibre network to deliver superfast broadband to Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond

Based in North Dorset Wessex Internet was founded by The Ranston Estate and Matthew Skipsey in 2010 as an innovative solution to the need for superfast broadband coverage in the area.

In short, if you want a reliable, friendly, superfast internet connection, we are the people to speak to! Our service and solutions are unbeatable.

The Network we have built over the last 7 years is now vast, and still growing. It consists of more than 150 masts and over 300km of fibre. The resultant superfast fibre and wireless coverage spans literally hundreds of square miles across not just Dorset, but also South-Wiltshire, South-Somerset and parts of Hampshire too.

The core network originates near Blandford, Dorset and we now serve over 2000 customers from that point – without any need for BT Openreach cables.

Irrespective of the speeds you get from your current internet provider, if you’re in our coverage area we can deliver you superfast broadband within a week. check our Availability

Our wireless technology delivers excellent broadband connectivity to both residential and business customers via a small dish on the side of your property. Most customers connect using our Fibre to the Mast (FTTM) technology, where wireless sector antennas are mounted on one of our fibre linked masts for the final mile delivery to your home or business.

Increasingly we are also delivering pure-fibre (FTTH/FTTP) connections to customers. This requires a fibre cable to be hard-wired into a building, making it incredibly reliable, and is vastly different to fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) technology used by BT. Our fibre is currently capable of 1Gb/s – giving you one of the fastest connections anywhere in the country. It’s the ultimate futureproof solution.

Our core network has also been designed with expandability in mind. If your home or business needs fibre-to-the-home (FTTH/FTTP) style connections, we have the capability.

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Wessex Internet Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with registered company no: 06258070 and VAT no. GB26494965

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Our Product Range...

Superfast Home Broadband

Up to 50 Mb/s fibre-fast broadband without wires. Available to thousands of homes across Dorset and Wiltshire. 1-2 week installation lead time. Local support. Happy customers.

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Superfast Business Broadband

Our three SME business broadband packages come with a static IP address, business-traffic priority, high data allowances and the ability to use your own router as standard.

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Internet Phone (VoIP)

Want a cost effective alternative to a BT landline? You can keep your local number and make truly enormous savings. Plus we have 2 exclusive offers for our customers...

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"Efficiently installed, helpful help-desk and finally an internet service fit for the modern era allowing me to work effectively in the country. "
- Jamie Strauss
"My internet speed was virtually grinding to a halt being so far from the exchange until I changed to Wessex Internet."
- Sarah Fisher
"Having superfast internet in rural Dorset is amazing."
- Vicki Lovegrove
Melcombe Bingham
"Since April 2012 I have enjoyed internet speeds up to ten times those I was achieving with BT."
- Guy Lintott
"It used to take up to 2 days to download a film, now I can watch it straight away."
- Alan Collns
Tollard Royal