Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We have developed this policy because we want you to feel confident about the privacy and security of all your personal data. We hope it is clear and readable, so you know exactly where you stand, but if you have any questions about it please get in touch.

The Legal Bit: Wessex Internet is registered under the data protection laws in the United Kingdom and takes all reasonable care to prevent unauthorised access to your personal information. ‘Personal Information’ referred to here is defined as information that identifies or is capable of identifying you. We may hold data about you as a consumer, business customer and in other roles, such as a visitor to our website.

The Privacy Policy

This policy applies to how Wessex Internet deals with your personal information. It does not apply to any other organisation, even if you access them via our website.

What and When personal information is collected

We only ask for information to enable us to provide broadband and other services to you. This is collected via telephone, the website and occasionally in written correspondence. The information includes:

  • Name, private/business address, contact telephone numbers and email address. We may need other information that relates to the service you are ordering, for example direct debit banking details.
  • Information collected using cookies stored on your devices(s) about your use of our services.
  • Information about your use of Wessex Internet services, such as: data usage and call usage, and billing.
  • Other data, from time to time, to help us provide you with improved products and services, for example now and again we might ask you to fill in a questionnaire, just so you can let us know how we’re doing.
  • We collect information from visitors to our websites to help us to make improvements in the websites and to the services we make available.

Using your Personal Information

Collection of this information helps us better understand what you need from us. We use it to offer you products and services that we think will suit you and to improve your experience. The main uses of your data are:

  • To provide and support your service.
  • To provide you with service information and updates.
  • To personalise your visits to our online services.
  • To enable us to review, develop and improve our services.
  • To occasionally carry out market research.
  • To profile your usage.
  • To occasionally send you details of products and services.

But you can decide if whether or not you want to receive this information.

Personal Information is not used for:

  • Sharing with 3rd parties without your explicit approval.
  • Identifying individuals that visit our website.
  • Analysing your visits in order to identify personal details.

Disclosing your information

Here are the few instances when personal information is used and/or disclosed:

  • To employees or agents of Wessex Internet to deal with any accounts, products and services provided to you by Wessex Internet.
  • Too search the files of a credit reference agency which will keep a record of that search, when you apply for service. Additionally, details of how you conduct your account may also be disclosed to the agency. This information may be used by other organisations in assessing applications from you and members of your household.
  • To companies who are intrinsic to the provision of your service and must process your data in order for us to be able to provide you with a service “data processors”. They don’t have the right to contact you or sell you their services directly but they may handle your data as part of the service they provide us. They are all GDPR compliant and we monitor the way we work with them on a regular basis.

Retention of personal information

The time period which we keep information varies according to what the information is used for. In some cases, there are legal requirements to keep data for a minimum period. Unless there is a specific legal requirement to keep records, we do not keep personal data for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the information was collected. We have internal guidance as to when we purge historic data, or need re-request your permission to retain it beyond that point.

Protecting your data

Any information sent to us is protected using robust security methods. The methods we use are industry-standard ensuring data is safeguarded whilst being sent over networks. Although we safeguard your data once it is received, we cannot guarantee the security of data you send to us.

Privacy policy when using the Wessex Internet Website

  • Registering on our website we will ask you for personal contact details such as: name, email address, etc.
  • Once you are registered on our websites we may keep a record of your use of any services available.
  • If you choose only to browse our website no information will be collected that identifies you.
  • If you choose to cancel registration at any time this can be done either on website or by sending us an email.

Use of cookies

All types of cookies can be removed from your PC but there may be some deterioration in the service you received. Your browser lets you choose whether to accept or not accept them.

Online Advertising and analytics

We use third-party advertising services like Facebook to deliver advertising and news about our Services. The ads can be based on your recent activity or activity over time and across other sites and services, and may be tailored to your interests.

We use third-party browser and mobile analytics services like Google Analytics. We use this data to improve the Services, better understand how the Services perform on different devices, and provide information that may be of interest to you.

Contacting us

If you want to know specific information let us know and provide us with any relevant information to help us to locate the information. It should be possible to provide specific details without having to make a formal request. Contact our Service Team on 0333 240 7997

You can make a formal request if you want to know all the personal information held about you. In this case please put your request in writing and send it to us enclosing a cheque for the administration fee of £10 made payable to Wessex Internet Ltd. The address is: The Data Protection Manager, Wessex Internet, The Old Laundry, Ranston, Shroton, Dorset, DT11 8PU.