Safer Internet Day 2022

by Wessex Internet Team

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Internet access today is a must, the online world gives people access to all types of information at a click of a button. However, not all the content that is on the internet is appropriate for children.

Every February ‘Safer Internet Day’ is celebrated globally to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people, its goal is to encourage conversation about using technology respectfully and responsibly.

This year’s theme is ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’, which will look at all the unique ways young people can use the internet from online gaming and chat functions to streaming and video.

Here are a few simple ways to keep your kids safe online:

  1. Monitor how often your child uses the internet and check their browser history to make sure they’re only viewing age-appropriate material.

  2. Make sure your children know not to just click links they have never seen before.

  3. Make sure you keep screens and devices where you can seem them, especially with younger children. Having a central computer/device spot in the home can help with this.

  4. Have conversations about the apps and games they use, whilst also explaining why ‘Stranger Danger’ is relevant online too.

Communication with children is key when it comes to internet safety and a lot of the above tips are great start points, however if you need some added peace of mind, you could look at adding parental controls.

If you’re a Full Fibre Customer we have a few features that can help keep your young people safe such as screen time limits for specific devices as well as app & website monitoring. If you need help accessing these features our customer team are available 8am -5.30pm to help get you set up.

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