Farmer Palmers gets connected to full fibre

by Charlotte Absolom

Case Studies > Farmer Palmers gets connected to full fibre

Business Profile

Farmer Palmers is an award winning, diverse dairy farm which has been open for over 22 years. Owned by brother and sister Sandra and Phillip, they have 48 employees, a shop, restaurant, play areas and run daily animal demonstrations from 9th Jan to 23rd December each year.

They are a family institution and each year have 135,000 visitors and 5000 annual pass holders.

Business Challenge

With speeds of only up to 4Mbps their previous fibre to the cabinet connection was not fit for purpose.

Using the cloud for multiple applications, including accounts, telephone and working from home the service just wasn’t good enough and would regularly lose power and internet if the copper cable route flooded.

The Solution and Process

Wessex Internet installed the ultrafast fibre optic cabling into the farm from the main network. The whole process took a few months and Farmer Palmers were kept up to date with excellent communications.

The installation team was able to deliver the service quickly and efficiently with no challenges arising.

The Results

Farmer Palmers get approached a lot by external companies offering their services, and it can be quite difficult to know who to trust. On speaking with the wider community, they were able to find out the benefits and gain assurance that Wessex Internet are a reputable business who care about their customers.

Now receiving speeds of over 10x their previous provider, Farmer Palmers now have an internet service provider they can count on. The speed of the internet has become an essential time saver, especially as all ticketing has now gone online due to COVID-19. The surrounding community have also benefitted as the fibre was extended on to their neighbours.

“Having Wessex Internet as our internet provider has taken away all the stress and anxiety of not knowing when the next outage will be as it just works. The service is so reliable and we’re able to get on and work and not worry about wasting time on the phone to customer services!” Sandra – Farmer Palmers

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