Roadrunner Adrian’s New Broadband Life

by Wessex Internet Team

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We hear from Wessex Internet customer Adrian Goodhand about how switching to our superfast broadband connection has changed his life at work and play.

As we all know, time is a valuable commodity, so it’s always great to be able to make the most of it – a sentiment that outdoor education professional Adrian Goodhand can certainly relate to, having recently made the decision to change from a copper internet connection to a wireless broadband service from Wessex Internet. Prior to making the transition, however, his connectivity was far from ideal.

“The copper connection was slow and unreliable, as we were very much at the further serviceable distance from the exchange,” he says. “We were at the mercy of the weather, with frequent loss of service, being out in the sticks. The service would slow down as more people in the village started to use the service.”

“We were at the mercy of the weather, with frequent loss of service”

That village is Hilton, near Milton Abbas, which lies between Blandford and Dorchester, where Adrian lives and works as a first aid-trainer, swimming teacher, cycling instructor and ‘outdoor education professional’, delivering programmes of forest school and environmental education to schools and groups of all ages and abilities across the South Coast.

Now, he and the rest of Hilton are able to enjoy the benefits of wireless broadband transmitted from the local parish church tower. The leap from copper to the superfast connection speeds afforded by Wessex has been a godsend for Adrian both professionally and personally, improving his internet speed from .75MB to a whopping 40MB, complete with download speeds of over 50MB.

“We have small businesses running from the premises, so there’s lots of admin taking place, such as customer contact via email and messenger services, storing and retrieving items in the cloud, and running social media,” he continues. “It’s even enabled us to fit a Vodafone Sure Signal, as we have no mobile coverage in Hilton.

“The leap from copper to the superfast connection speeds afforded by Wessex has been a godsend”

“We also make full use of television catch-up and boxset services, and even watch YouTube and listen to internet radio without buffering, and can download a film and watch it in the same day! Plus, I enjoy online gaming every now and then too.”

And it’s not just indoors where he benefits from these new heights of signal strength either. A keen runner and cyclist in his spare time, Adrian uses the Strava fitness app on his smartwatch to measure and record his personal best times – for which faster broadband has been very handy indeed when it comes to uploading his data onto his computer at home.

“As some in the know will understand, ‘If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen’,” he explains. “Strava is an activity recording app, and if you can’t show the data, how do you actually prove that you did the run? It’s a little bit of fun, but I share photos of the run and share them on social media, as well as chat with other runners. Following a run, settling down on the sofa to watch some movies is most likely too!”

So, whether it’s for work, play, entertainment or fitness, it’s safe to say that Adrian’s day-to-day has been dramatically improved by switching over to his superfast connection from Wessex. And while he may need to push himself that little bit harder on the tarmac, or set aside more time to catch up on his latest TV binge, he’s one of many Wessex customers who’s making the most of life in the superfast lane.


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