Community at our core

How we build local full fibre networks

A local business, we have seen first-hand how the digital divide impacts our neighbours. That’s why we’re committed to connecting even the most remote villages and hamlets.

We work in partnership with communities to identify ‘not-spots’ and build full fibre networks, supported by government funding, to one community at a time reaching places other companies are unable, or unwilling, to go.

How we work with communities

We work with communities to find areas calling out for better broadband, and then partner with dedicated community champions and parish councils to make every project a success.

Registering interest

We start by generating interest. We need enough homes and businesses to sign up to make the project possible.

Building the network

We build our network laying fibre cables through farmland and fields - rather than digging up roads – to get you connected faster.

Connecting customers

After the network build is complete, we start connecting customers. Then you can sit back and enjoy your new connection.

Transforming communities

From our brilliant community champions to working with churches, village halls and other vital amenities. Find out more about our work in communities.

No cost to communities

Rather than expecting customers to find thousands of pounds to pay for us to connect their village, we apply for and use government funding to support our work. It’s just one of the ways we think outside the box to make change happen for our customers.

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Become a Community Champion

Our community champions help spread the word locally and rally support from their neighbours and local businesses. They play a vital role in making our projects a success. The more interest there is in your area, the more likely we will be able to extend our network to your community.

If you would like to become a community champion or suggest an area that needs full fibre broadband please get in touch.

How we build our full fibre network

By working in partnership with local landowners, our professional engineers are able to lay a network of fibre cables through private fields and farmland - rather than waste time digging up public roads - which means your community can get connected faster with no disruptive road closures.

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Connecting Devon and Somerset

As well as our community projects, we’ve been contracted by Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) to provide thousands of homes and businesses in rural areas of South Somerset the fast and reliable broadband they deserve.

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