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The village of Cucklington had poor a telecom infrastructure resulting in sub 1Mb/s broadband speeds. We initally provided our superfast wireless broadband. Now we are extending our network of fibre optic Cables to the village giving  residents the opportunity for 1Gb/s broadband connections.

Latest Update


We are still waiting for signed paperwork for a small portion of the network build in Cucklington, therefore we have had to put the build by date back to 01/06/2019. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Good news, ground conditions have improved in the area and we are now looking to start the work for the remaining connections. We will be looking to complete the remaining network build before 01/05/2019.

If you know of anyone else in the village who would be interested in an FTTP connection from Wessex Internet, then please ask them to get in touch ASAP.


We have now installed over half of those who have registered there interest. Due to ground conditions we will be back in the Spring to do the rest of the network build and install those who are still waiting, this is mainly the Babwell Road area


Registrations for this scheme are still open, please ask your neighbours to contact us for more information

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Philip Crawford Smith

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Required Registrations


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Planning & Agreements Complete


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Overall Complete

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