Why I am experiencing slow speeds

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If you're experiencing slow speeds while browsing it can be for a number of reasons, our support team are there to help with any complex problems but before you ring us we recommend that you run a speed test from http://speedtest.wessexinternet.com/ in the following way: 
  • If you can, please run this test on a device that is connected to your hub via an ethernet cable (e.g. PC/laptop) as this will give the most accurate results. If this isn't possible please stand next to your router to ensure your device has good WiFi connectivity
  • Ask all other users to stop downloading and browsing while you undertake the test
If the Speedtest result comes back at around your package speed then it is likely the problem is one of the following: 
  • An internal issue: This could be bad coverage in the room where you were using the internet or an internal WiFi issue. click here for an in depth guide on getting better coverage round your home.
  • Interference or congestion from another device: try the Speedtest again with everyone using the connection. if this slows it down you could have an interference problem with another device or need to upgrade your package

Either way, if you're not able to sort the problem out, please send the results to support@wessexinternet.com and we can investigate for you.

What ever you do, please do NOT press the reset button on your router as this will require manual reconfiguration by our team that can only be resolved during office hours