So what exactly are our major network upgrades?

by Wessex Internet Team

News > So what exactly are our major network upgrades?

It’s very easy for us to get excited in the office as we see our network expanding. As the business has become streamlined, we’ve invested an enormous amount of time and money in our network, bringing connectivity to new areas and planning even more development.

Whilst we totally understand that fibre and bytes might not be as exciting for you, we’d still love to share some of this development news with you. It might be that you’re in an area waiting for good connection – in which case our growth will come as good news for you. Or you might just be an interested, geeky type who finds this stuff as thrilling as we do! Whatever your interest, here’s a bit of insider info…


We have been investing heavily in network upgrades – so, not just in actual physical infrastructure but the quality of our service too. In particular, those who have seen speed issues over the last six months should be starting to see them disappear as we finish upgrading our core network (from masts upstream) to run on 10Gb/s hardware. We are committed to a continuous upgrade program to keep ahead of customer demands for ever more data and speed. And if you look at our packages (click on Superfast Broadband for the right ones) the unlimited packages you see are because we have the confidence in our 10Gb/s network to support the increased data.

Whatever your interest, here’s a bit of insider info…


The great thing about operating your entire network in house is that you can make the changes you want, when you want! And for us that’s meant expanding and upgrading it considerably.

Just to name a few projects, we’ve made major upgrades to all Somerset customers who’ve had a 5x increase in backhaul capacity from Stourhead; Trinity Tower’s latest upgrade went live last week, and our Conneygore Hill masts, which have already had wireless upgrades, are soon to get a dedicated 10Gb/s fibre link. Additionally we’ve upgraded our internal fibre network to run at 10Gb/s meaning we can provide 1Gb/s connections to our customers. We also now have two diverse routed fibre connections to our racks in two separate London data centres.


We’re adding new places all the time, and recent additions see areas like Deanland, Thornicombe, Whatcombe and Hedge End coming on to fibre, not to mention the merging of the Morion customer base around Cranborne into our service.

Our next expansions on the horizon are Penselwood, Langham, Sandley, Buckhorn Weston and Cripplestile, all to be served with either wireless or pure fibre coverage. One of our big focuses right now is Blandford itself but we are expanding in numerous other areas too.


If you’d like superfast broadband connectivity, we’re doing our best to make it happen across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. Get in touch with us, and if it’s doable, we’ll do it!

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