Wessex Internet provide briefing to Dorset MP

by Wessex Internet Team

News > Wessex Internet provide briefing to Dorset MP

Picture: From left – Andrew Skipsey, Simon Hoare, James Gibson Fleming and Matthew Skipsey

Andrew Skipsey says, “Simon found our overview useful, particularly as fast internet is a hot topic in his postbag and the BT Openreach roll-out seems to be happening more sporadically than originally anticipated. He left with an excellent knowledge that Wessex Internet could serve many of the rural areas in North Dorset either not included in the upgrade scheme or where BT have decided not to prioritise their own commercial upgrades. We also explained that the Superconnected Cities Voucher Scheme is starting to have excellent traction but with available monies running out quickly we urge the government to provide clarity about whether the funding will be topped up or not.”

Andrew continues, “Simon saw our communications hub, some of our sector locations which overlook villages and some rural village installations. We also showed him the on-line tools we use to survey, propose and then manage clients, explaining that because we have connected most rural businesses, estates, large rurally located schools, home workers and micro businesses in our growing area, we have become a vital infrastructure provider and enabler of efficiency in our rural economy. Now transmitting over 40,000 Gigabytes of internet traffic per month this is a massive increase from just a year ago when we were about a 1/3 of our size. The next year’s managed growth will also have a huge positive impact.”

James Gibson Fleming says: “We want the message about successful alternative delivery to BT Openreach to be widely understood in government circles and we are sure we have the rural answer for our area and into the wider region, Simon taking time to visit and receive our briefing will, I am sure mean he is much better informed about the rural connectivity challenge.”


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