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Unlimited Data

Following our successful transformation to a single company structure, we have spent the last three months making major upgrades to our core network infrastructure. This means that we’re now in the position to release a completely new set of packages offering customers faster speeds and, for the first time ever, various completely unlimited residential data packages.

No more counting data. You can stream as much Netflix or cloud host as big a project as you like. The sky’s the limit.


Boasting faster connections with home packages up to 50Mb/s and home fibre packages up to 350Mb/s, the unlimited option will cost £49 per month (£75 per month for the 350Mb/s pure fibre package), providing clients with noticeably quicker speeds than the previous fixed-data deals. If the top unlimited package isn’t for you, we’ve still got good news, our other home packages include a 20-50% data upgrade from their comparable outgoing package.

Wessex Internet MD Hector Gibson Fleming says, “We’re obviously thrilled to be able to offer amazing new deals for our customers – especially the unlimited package, it’s been something we’ve had in the wings for a while and it’s great to be able to boast the network infrastructure to deliver our award winning services on an unlimited basis!

“Now we’ve brought the entire management team together in one office, our focus is on expanding and continually updating our fibre and wireless network as well as the services we can offer over it. We already offer amazing connectivity, so these improvements are a natural step for us. We’ve got more exciting developments coming in the next few months so keep an eye on our upcoming announcements!”

To upgrade to any new package at no additional cost*, email or call 0333 240 7997 Our office hours are 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

*Terms and conditions apply

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