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Meet the Team

At Wessex Internet we are all passionate about what we do, from customer services & marketers to engineers & our co-founders.

Alongside our office based team, we also have a hard-working team of engineers who build our infrastructure and install our equipment onto the properties of our customers. Every one of us is responsible for the continued success of Wessex Internet.

Hector Managing Director of Wessex Internet

Hector is Managing Director of Wessex Internet, he is a keen photographer and loves the outdoors.

Meet The Team: Matt, Technical Support Manager

Matt E is head of technical customer service and leads the geniuses that you speak to if your connection ever goes wrong!

Our team at Wessex Internet

Wayne leads our engineering team and when he’s not up a ladder he loves cuddly kittens and long walks on the beach

Meet The Team, Alice, Fibre Project Manager

Alice is our Sales Team Leader and what she doesn’t know about Gigabit Vouchers isn’t worth knowing. The only thing is, if there’s currently a good festival on, she’s probably not in the office!

Our team at Wessex Internet

Dan is the backbone of our wireless installs team. He loves the gym and is always the first one to climb our tallest masts.

Grace - Fibre Sales Team

Grace is an integral part of the fibre sales team and has the kudos for handling more customer tickets than anyone else in the office.

Billy is the brains managing our award winning wireless network as well as dealing with complicated technical customer issues!

Meet the Team: Joe, technical surveyor

Joe is the office’s chief tea drinker, when he’s not drinking tea he is our surveyor and planner, making sure the construction team builds fibre that actually goes somewhere useful!

Ivan - network manager at Wessex Internet

Ivan is our network manager, some say his middle name is magic!

Manuel is our longest serving engineer and lead network splicer. He’s usually the one roped into working weekends when the construction team outpaces the install team

Our team at Wessex Internet

Millie works alongside our construction team and is an essential part of our network build process.

Meet The Team: Holly, our Sales & Customer Service Team Leader

Holly is our Customer Services Team Leader, in her spare time she loves good food and being creative.

Our team at Wessex Internet

Jemima is our Business Development Officer and is responsible for liaising with local businesses and expanding our customer base. In her spare time she is a keen rugby fan.

Louise - PA at Wessex Internet

Louise is our Office Manager/PA to MD and ensures that everything goes smoothly within the office.

Our team at Wessex Internet

Steve is our Marketing Manager and is often out on the field filming and taking photos for our social media and website. #WheresSteve

Our team at Wessex Internet


Our team at Wessex Internet

Josh is a member of our Technical Support Team and is a keen football fan.

Robyn - Sales & Services Team for Wessex Internet

Robyn is part of our Sales and Servicing Team and loves to bake!

Stefan - Technical Support for Wessex Internet

Stefan is a member of our Technical Support Team and enjoys playing 5-a-side