Wessex Telephone Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions should be read alongside our Wessex Internet broadband terms and conditions, available here:

https://www.wessexinternet.com/terms-and-conditions/ and our privacy policy available here: https://www.wessexinternet.com/privacy-policy

These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Wessex Internet.

Who can use the Wessex Telephone service?

The Service is a Landline Replacement service designed to replicate the service you used to get through your BT landline but over your broadband connection.

  • The Wessex Telephone service is available for current and new customers of Wessex Internet’s residential broadband services. This includes both wireless and fibre broadband customers and of all residential packages
  • The Wessex Telephone service is currently not available to business customers.
  • This Service is NOT SUITABLE FOR RUNNING MONITORED ALARM SYSTEMS unless your provider can assure you that the service will run over a VOIP telephone service. Newer alarm systems may well work but BT Redcare and older analogue systems will not. Wessex Internet cannot take any responsibility for any Alarm services that do not work over Wessex Telephone.

Order process

The Wessex Telephone service can be ordered via our website https://www.wessexinternet.com/telephone/ or over the phone.

Number porting and number allocation

If you are porting your number:

  • By ordering, you confirm that Wessex Internet has authority to port your phone number (if requested).
  • During the process of ordering through our website, and over the phone with email confirmation, you will be providing a “letter of authority” which is required to port your phone number. This is represented by either 1. Our online order process or 2. Confirming via email to sales@wessexinternet.com.
  • Please note, the porting process may take approximately seven working days, during which you will continue to receive inbound calls on your existing system. We will confirm by email when your number has been successfully ported. Do not cancel your existing phone supplier until we have confirmed this.
  • Please note, not all numbers can be ported to Wessex Internet. We will inform you within seven days if your number port request has been rejected.

If you are selecting a new number: a new number will be randomly allocated to you instead of porting a number, and you may select the area code (first five digits only) and choose a number from a range provided by Wessex Internet.


  • Installation of the Wessex Telephone service is self-installation and more information and a video on this can be found on our website. Please visit www.wessexinternet.com/telephone
  • The Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) will need to be plugged into your Wessex Internet router.

How we support your service

  • Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 08.00-17.30, excluding bank holidays.

  • Requests for technical support can be made by calling 0333 2407 997, via our support portal at www.wessexinternet.com/help-and-support, or emailing support@wessexinternet.com and providing Wessex Internet account details.

  • We aim to respond to technical support requests for our VoIP service within one working day.

Hardware we provide

  • We will provide a Grandstream HT801 Analogue Telephone Adaptor (or similar) once you have successfully placed an order with us. Please note, we do not provide a handset, however most touch tone handsets should be compatible with the hardware.
  • For the Wessex Telephone service to work, this will require a mains electricity source and in the case of a power outage (or similar) your VoIP telephone will cease to run.
  • This will be delivered either by first class post (if an existing customer) or upon installation of broadband equipment (if a new customer).
  • Please note, we may request that your ATA is returned to Wessex Internet if you cancel your VoIP service with us.

Costs and payments

  • Monthly invoices will be emailed to the account holder on the 1st of the month. Each billing period is a calendar month.
  • Payment of your Wessex Telephone service will be included on one invoice alongside your Wessex Internet broadband services.
  • Payment of your Wessex Telephone service is to be made by direct debit on a monthly basis on or around the 16th of the month.
  • Any out of package charges (for example, additional minutes) will be charged on your next bill.
  • Billing disputes should be raised to telephone@wessexinternet.com within seven days of receiving an invoice.
  • Your service may be suspended for non-payment, in connection with our standard payment terms.
  • An administration charge of £10 will apply if you would like the phone number linked to your service to be changed mid-contract.

Fair Usage Policy

  • On each package, you will only be able to accrue £60 of out of bundle call charges in each billing period before your service is automatically switched off. This can be switched back on by request.
  • Customers of our VoIP service are bound by the Wessex Internet Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy.

Contract length

  • Our standard contract length for Wessex Telephone is twelve months. After twelve months, the Wessex Telephone service will be on a rolling monthly basis.

Upgrades and downgrades

  • Package upgrades can be made at any point during your contract. Downgrades can only be made after the 11th billing period of your contract.
  • Requests to change your package should be made by email to telephone@wessexinternet.com and will be processed within one working day, with email confirmation to be made to the account holder.

Cancelling your service

  • Notice of cancellation should be made by email to telephone@wessexinternet.com or in writing to our office address.
  • After eleven months: there is a thirty-day notice period to cancel your service. A final invoice will be prepared for the final thirty days and will be taken by direct debit once you have submitted your notice.
  • Before eleven months: if you are still in contract for your VoIP service, you may have to pay the remainder of your contract in one final invoice to Wessex Internet. This is normally taken via direct debit once you have contacted us to cancel. A line disconnection fee of £25 will apply.
  • Cooling off period: as with our broadband services, there is a thirty-day cooling off period for our VoIP service. You will not be liable for the remainder of your contract if you decide to cancel within this period. Please note, you will be responsible for returning your ATA to Wessex Internet in this instance. You will be responsible for arranging to port your number away from Wessex Internet.

999/112 Calls

  • In the case of a power or network outage, the ATA will not work, and you will not be able to make emergency phone calls to 999 or 112. Please ensure that you have a contingency plan in this instance, for example, mobile phone signal to make the call. We recommend that you subscribe to status updates so you are aware of any planned maintenance that may affect your VoIP service.
  • In the case of an account suspension (for example, for non-payment), you will still be able to make calls to 999 and 112.
  • The emergency services use Wessex Internet records for locating callers. It is, therefore, your responsibility to check that your address details are correct, which can be done by visiting your online portal (https://portal.wessexinternet.com) and clicking “Account and Payment Settings”. Any changes to your details can be made by request, either by calling 0333 2407 997 or emailing info@wessexinternet.com. Please include your current details, Wessex Internet account information and any changes.