Connecting Lulworth Cove Heritage Centre

by Charlotte Absolom

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Business Profile

Lulworth Cove Heritage Centre and gift shop are open to the public 364 days a year. Inside, the displays tell the story of Lulworth from 150 million years ago, as the first rocks formed, to the landscape and village you see today. They also have two offices on site, for a total of nine employees.

Business Challenge

Lulworth Estate’s previous internet connection was extremely slow, especially when multiple users were on it. It took a long time to log in to remote systems and open individual documents and their internet dropped out unexpectedly or hung on many occasions.

If all staff members were trying to use it at once, there was no chance at all of having multiple applications open which was unsuitable for productive working.

The Solution and Process

Wessex Internet installed the ultrafast fibre optic cabling into the heritage centre from the main network which was being built into West Lulworth village.

From signing up to connection the whole process took a few months, but Lulworth Heritage Centre were kept informed throughout with excellent communication and level of service.


The building has an unusual layout, and some installation difficulties arose. The challenge was to get the cable from outside, to the server inside the building.

This was tricky as the fibre had to come in at one end of the building and route through the eaves and walls to the server room, but the installation was successful. All appointments were arranged quickly, with the engineers arriving on the specified date and time.

The Results

Now with average download speeds of 100Mbps, staff are able to work quicker and have multiple applications open at once. The remote login is faster and much more stable.

“Having Wessex Internet as our provider has improved efficiency all around.” Maddy, Lulworth Heritage Centre.

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