Many rivers to cross.. pushing the boundaries

by Christine O'Grady

Case Studies > Many rivers to cross.. pushing the boundaries

Last year, Dorset businessman Gary had to get creative to get a decent internet connection to his home. To enable himself and his wife Morag to work from home during lockdown he had to resort to a variety of devices. From his landline, he connected an antennae from a yacht, and switched between 2 data sim cards to maximise the connection. All this proved to be very expensive.

Living in the middle of a forest meant that mainstream internet providers he approached considered the area too remote to provide connections to, and one told him that it would be impossible.

When he asked Wessex Internet to help, he said that they had “a farmer’s mentality” to their approach and assessment of the surrounding land. As Gary explained, “They just started digging! The team that installed the fibre broadband had to to drag the cable under miles of muddy fields, under two roads, under two rivers then through a bog in the middle of a wood to get to us.

We'd been told that it couldn't be done and that we were lucky to get the 0.6 Megabits that we had. Thanks to Wessex Internet’s Family Home Fibre package we now have 100 plus Megabits and could have 300 if we wanted. Everybody involved was friendly, positive and professional. Happy with Wessex Internet? You bet!”

After installation, we asked Gary what the biggest difference was now that he had fibre connection. He summed it up:

“It’s a nice to have for personal use, but it is a completely different story for professional purposes. It has meant that I can now work from home full time, and more importantly for Morag, who is a part-time teacher – it is the difference between having to keep popping into the school during lockdown – to being able to work effectively and safely from our own home.”

Gary W, nr. Moreton Dorset

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