How we install wireless broadband

Wessex Internet Team

Thinking of signing up to our superfast wireless broadband, but not sure what happens next? This handy guide and video explains how we’ll install your service.

Getting wireless broadband installed is actually very simple. You don’t need a phoneline - just a couple of spare power sockets in the room where you would like us to place your broadband hub.

The signal is beamed through the air to your property so we’ll need to attach a small dish onto your house. One of our skilled engineers will visit your home to do this. The whole process will take around an hour, then your family will be ready to stream and browse with superfast speeds.

As soon as you place your order, our team will be in touch to arrange your installation date - we can usually have you up and running within 7-10 days.

A clear signal

To make sure you have the fastest and most reliable service possible, we need a clear line of sight from your house to one of our 150 wireless masts in the local countryside.

When we take your wireless broadband order, we’ll do a desktop survey to check that we can see your property from one of our masts.

On your installation day, the first thing our engineer will do is confirm the best location for the small dish to be attached. Any trees, branches, buildings, hills or other obstructions can block the signal or weaken it, so we always check that we are receiving a good strong signal before we start.

Finding a home for your hub

Our installation engineer will also ask you where you would like your broadband hub placed in your home. Have a think about this before we arrive. Our guide on getting the best WiFi signal around your house could help.

We will need two plug sockets available in the room. One for your hub and one for power to the dish.

Getting to work

Once our friendly engineer has agreed the location of both your dish and hub with you, they’ll start installing.

Once the dish is on the wall, they will run the cable neatly around your external wall to the outside of the room you have chosen to put your hub in. All of our team treat your home as if it is their own, so we promise there won’t be any unsightly cables left hanging.

If you would like, they can also paint your dish, so it blends in with your property - they have a selection of paints in the van to make it blend in with stone, brick or slate.

Once the dish is up and cables have been run round to the room of your choice, they will drill a single tiny hole in the wall to feed the cable through to connect to your hub and plug in for power.

Next up, they will run a speed test to make sure you are receiving the brilliant superfast internet you are expecting.

Finally, before they go, they will clean up thoroughly and leave your home exactly as they found it - just with much better broadband for you to enjoy.