What is full fibre?

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Quite simply, full fibre broadband is the future of internet connectivity for homes and businesses in the UK. It delivers ultrafast broadband direct to your property so you can connect to the internet without any lagging, be able to watch high definition media without any trouble and video call without interruption too.

The days of slow, out-dated copper cables that run from a main telephone exchange to a green cabinet in a street and then split into the houses in that street are coming to an end. The UK’s current broadband infrastructure, which uses the copper-based telephone network (now over 100 years old) has seen very little innovation in data speed transfer – until now!

Full Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Full Fibre to the Home (FTTH) explained

With full fibre broadband, often referred to as FTTP or FTTH, fibre optic cables go all the way to your home / business premises. Made from glass and as thin as a strand of hair, the fibres use pulses of light to transmit data fast, giving you a faster internet connection.

What is often marketed as fibre broadband by major internet service providers is in actual fact only part fibre. This is because it still uses old copper phone lines from a green cabinet box in the street to your front door.

The further you live from the nearest cabinet, for example if you are at the edge of a village or in an outlying hamlet, the worse your service is. This is because your connection is travelling further over copper.

Now, with Wessex Internet’s service, we can deliver an ultrafast connection with fibre all the way to your front door.

What speeds can you get with full fibre broadband?

A full fibre broadband connection offers speeds of up to 1000Mbps (megabits per second) yes, you read that right! That’s also known as 1 Gbps (gigabit per second).

To put that speed into perspective, the UK government currently defines superfast broadband as having speeds greater than just 30Mbps. With ultrafast broadband having speeds of greater than 100Mbps – that’s just 10% of what full fibre can deliver.

Benefits of full fibre broadband in your home

There are a whole host of benefits for having full fibre broadband connecting directly to your home.

Once you have it installed, you’ll be shocked that these speeds are possible and it’ll open a new realm of possibilities for using technology – frustration free – in your home.

1. A direct connection using the fastest technology

Using Wessex Internet’s full fibre broadband service, you’re getting a direct broadband connection that uses fast fibre optic cables straight into your home.

2. More data transmission at higher speeds = smooth streaming

Digital media like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime use online streaming so you can watch your favourite shows on your TV, computer or smartphone. In order to watch them at high definition without buffering, they need to transmit lots of data and at high speeds – this is exactly what full fibre broadband does.

3. Video calling that doesn’t feel like a computer interaction

Whilst video calling using digital services like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams won’t ever replace human social interaction; with faster internet connections, it will certainly make the conversation between you and your friends, family or work colleagues that much easier without the connection lagging or even dropping out.

Benefits of full fibre broadband for your business

Rural businesses need to be as productive and efficient as their competitors in town and city locations. With more and more business activities needing a strong and speedy internet connection, here are the benefits that choosing full fibre broadband can have for your business operation; whether you have a home office, a shop, have a small workshop or even a country pub:

1. Get more done

Not only will your connection be reliable but it will be much faster than the internet speeds you got previously. With full fibre broadband you can transmit large files fast, work in the cloud and run multiple online applications at once. That means yours and your business's productivity levels will vastly improve too!

2. A more reliable connection

Being able to rely on your internet connection that is ultimately powering critical business functions shouldn’t be a worry in 2021. And with full fibre broadband connecting directly to your premises – it really won’t be – it’s the most dependable connection around.

3. Fairly priced

With installation costs often being subsidised by the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, we can offer free installation costs and unlimited small business broadband packages start from just £44 per month.

4. Delivering for your customers

Don’t let your broadband ruin the experience you deliver for your customers. Whether it’s as simple as a reliable card machine for payments, providing customer WiFi or making sure your VoIP telephone system call quality is up to scratch, make sure your internet connection is making the right impression on your customers.

Is full fibre broadband worth it?

Absolutely! Read our case studies to see just how life-changing our full fibre broadband installations have been for homes and businesses in countryside communities just like yours. Slow, unreliable connections are now a thing of the past!

To see if your area has full fibre broadband available or to register your interest so we can get to you soon, please check what services are available in your area...

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