Understanding the LED lights on your equipment

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Your hub (also known as a router) plugs in to a network socket and provides your home or business with broadband.


Red light – No Connection. Your hub is disconnected. Please check if your devices are still connected. If they’re not, please raise a fault via the help and support section of our website or call us on 0333 240 7997. Please do not press the reset button, or this will take us longer to get you back online.

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White light – Good, strong connection to the internet. If you see a white light, you’re good to go.

Hub white light

Green light – Your hub is trying to connect to the internet. You’ll see this light when your hub is first plugged in or if it is trying to reconnect.

Hub green light

Blue light – If the light is blue and flashing, then your router is searching for connection. This may mean that the WPS button has been pressed. Press the WPS button to connect to your wireless devices.

Hub blue light