Business Fibre Standard£99/mth
Business Fibre Standard

Ideal for small businesses with 2-10 Internet users.

Download Speed
Upload Speed: 20Mb/s2
Usage Allowance
750GB/mth3+ Install from £POAEnquire Now
£99/mth+ VATEnquire Now  Internet Only Package
+ Install from £POA
Business Fibre Unlimited 150£175/mth
Business Fibre Unlimited 150

Perfect for small businesses with up to 20 Internet users.

Download Speed
Upload Speed: 20Mb/s2
Usage Allowance
Unlimited+ Install from £POAEnquire Now
£175/mth+ VATEnquire Now  Internet Only Package
+ Install from £POA
Business Fibre Unlimited 400£249/mth
Business Fibre Unlimited 400

Great for businesses with up to 50 staff & high use of cloud applications.

Download Speed
Upload Speed: 40Mb/s2
Usage Allowance
Unlimited+ Install from £POAEnquire Now
£249/mth+ VATEnquire Now  Internet Only Package
+ Install from £POA
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The full details...
  How We Support You

How We Support You

12 Month Contract

How we support your home broadband service
Our core-network is proactively monitored 24×7. This includes the superfast network behind the delivery of your individual connection.

Support for your individual end connection is offered between the hours of 09.00 and 17.30 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in England.

You can however check out our Help Centre 24×7 outside of those times, and of course log a support ticket and we’ll get back to your asap within business working hours.

Web support
We have an extensive online Help Centre where you can find various guides, troubleshotting documents & self-helps tips; you may find your answer there.

Telephone support
Telephone support is provided in addition to the online self-help pages. However we ask customers to try the self-help pages firstly before contacting us.

E-mail support
E-mail support is offered after raising a support ticket via our support form. A unique ticket will be generated and sent to our support team where they can respond, update and troubleshoot your support enquiry efficiently and effectively.

Proactive core network support
We monitor our core network every second of every day. If we notice a problem in our core network that could be adversely affecting a large number of users, we’ll jump straight onto fixing it, 24×7, even over Christmas!

  Unlimited Off-Peak Data

Unlimited Off-Peak Data

Need to backup large amounts of files overnight but worried about exceeding your standard usage allowance? This option is for you!
The off-peak unmetered usage option allows you to download and upload as much data as you like between the hours of 00:01 and 06:59 daily without this counting towards your standard monthly data transfer allowance. So you have unlimited data between these overnight hours where your data usage does not count towards your standard monthly package allowance.

£FREE for Family+ and Home Worker subscriptions.

£15 /mth extra for Residential Starter and Residential Family subscriptions.

E.g. If you are subscribed to our Family Package which provides 120 GB per month of data usage, and you upload 140 GB of data per month to your online backup service between 00:01 and 06:59, with our off-peak unlimited usage option, you won’t have this 140 GB count towards your 120 GB standard allowance. Your 120 GB standard allowance covers the times between 07:00 and 00:00 daily (peak times).

Data transferred during this off-peak period is subject to our Fair Usage Policy and we reserve the right to withdraw this option from customers transferring so much data that it adversely affects the network and/or other user’s experience.

In the time we have operated our network, we haven’t yet had to withdraw this.

  Out Of Bundle Usage

Out Of Bundle Usage

Customers are automatically opted-in to out of bundle usage and associated charges should their monthly data transfer exceed 100% of their monthly data allowance. Aditional data and the associated charges are listed below.

Customers can opt-out at any time by contacting us (two working day lead time), and customers who opt-out and who reach their subscribed to monthly data transfer limit will have their connection suspended until the next billing period.

We recommend customers that frequently exceed their monthly data allowance or anticipate they will need more data add additional data bundles through the customer portal to secure better value.

We will warn you by E-mail when you have transferred 80% and then 95% of your subscribed to monthly traffic allowance. This gives you an opportunity to either adjust your Internet usage to prevent going over your monthly limit, add additional data bundles through the online customer portal at a competive rate to increase your monthly limit for that month, or choose to go outside of your standard monthly allowance and be charged out of bundle data charges by taking no action.

When additional data bundles are added automatically, we will notify you by E-mail. Again, during this period, you may contact us to suspend out of bundle charges and usage, or you can add additional data bundles in our online customer portal.

Adding or removing the option.
We appreciate that customers neither require having their Internet connection suspended, nor being charged hidden charges.

Therefore, we automatically opt customers into out of bundle usage to prevent a suspension of service, whilst providing regular, detailed E-mails with information on how to opt-out, how to add data at more competitive rates and what happens when you go over your limit.

If customers have any further questions, they may contact us.

Residential Starter Package: £6 inc VAT per 10 GB.

Residential Family Package: £5 inc VAT per 10 GB.

Residential Family+ Package: £3 inc VAT per 10 GB.

Home Worker Package: £3 inc VAT per 10 GB.

Business customers: £6 + VAT per 10 GB.