• How does it work?

      Wessex Internet connections can be delivered in a number of different ways. The two technologies we use are wireless and fibre. The majority of our end-user connections will come from the Fibre to the Mast technology. This is where a high-speed fibre optic cable links a wireless base station mast to our core network. End-users then have a small radio or dish fitted to the outside of their home or business that picks up the signal from the mast.

    • Do I need line of sight to your base station?

      If you are connecting wirelessly to our network then yes, we will require perfect line of sight between the installation position on your home or business building and our base station. Any trees, branches, buildings, hills, or other obstructions will either block the signal, weaken it, or provide a poor connection experience.

    • How fast is this service?

      Fast! We currently offer up to 50 Mb/s download and 10 Mb/s as our fastest service for wireless customers. You can be up to five miles away from our base station mast and still receive our fastest speeds. Our services go further and faster than copper line based ADSL or FTTC alternatives. The technology we’re deploying can be upgraded at any point to support higher speeds.

      We currently offer up to 1 Gb/s download speeds for fibre customers.

    • Is the service good for VoIP, online gaming and video calling?

      Yes, it’s ideal. Latency (or delay) across our core network is typically less than 4 milliseconds. Latency from customer connections to the edge of the Internet in London is less than 12 ms. In fact, our latency can be as much as half as copper broadband based ADSL connections. This means lower lag times for gaming, no delays for VoIP or video calls and no hanging around for pages to load.

    • Is the wireless technology safe?

      Yes. It’s very low power and non-ionising. The customer access radio (CAR) use very similar power levels to mobile phones. However, unlike mobile phones, the radio is out of sight on your roof, not pressed against your head! Our base stations transmit at a maximum EIRP power of 4 Watts, this compares to mobile phone towers which can transmit at 3,000 Watts! We’re surrounded by radio waves wherever we go, for example: AM, FM, mobiles, Satellites and TV, our wireless technology uses much less power than these.

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