• Do you charge for any UK landline calls?

      Calls to 09 and 118 numbers are chargeable. Other UK landline numbers are included in your package.

      09 and 118 numbers range from 18p per minute to £3.60 per minute, and some also include a connection charge. 

      09 numbers are premium rate numbers and 118 numbers are directory enquiry numbers.

    • What features does Wessex Telephone offer?
      • Voicemail to Email
      • Pickup up a voicemail on the handset:
        • Dial 1571 to listen to a voicemail (and delete it)
      • Caller ID
      • Call Waiting:
        • To enable, dial *43 and to disable, dial #43#
      • Call 1471 – last called number
      • Withholding your own number:
        • Dial 141 and then the number you wish to dial to withhold your number.
      • Call forwarding:
        • Dial *21* and the number you want to forward to and then #21# to turn it off again.
      • To divert any calls you don’t manage to answer within 15 seconds dial *61*(phone number you want to divert to) and dial #61# to remove the feature.
      • To divert calls when your phone is engaged, dial *81* (phone number you want to divert to) and dial #81# to remove the feature.
    • What do the lights mean on my Wessex Telephone Box?

      There are three lights on the Wessex Telephone Box – a power light, an internet light (world symbol) and a phone light.

      Power light: when solid, the box is powered on. It flashes when the box is booting up.

      Internet light: the light is solid when the box is connected to the internet, and flashes when data is being sent or received through the box.

      Phone light: when solid – the phone is registered and available. Slow blink – you have a voicemail. Blinking every second – phone is off the hook/busy.

    • How do I set up my Wessex Telephone?

      How do I set up my Wessex Telephone?

      We have prepared a handy one minute video to show you how simple it is to set up your new Wessex Telephone service. If you have any problems however, please call us on 0333 240 7997 or email support@wessexinternet.com

      Simply click the video below to start

      Setup Wessex Telephone

    • Do you provide VoIP (Voice over Internet/Internet Phone)?

      VoIP, Voice over IP or an Internet Phone is a service where you can use your Internet connection to make and receive telephone calls. Our Wessex Telephone service is exactly that.

      Wessex Telephone does not require that your computer is switched on while using the service. We will send you a small Internet Phone Adaptor that looks like a router. This converts your existing BT phones/cordless DECT phones to use the Internet to dial. You end up making and receiving calls the same way you do now, you just don’t have to deal with an expensive BT line rental, which will save you lots of money.

      You can even retain your existing 01747, 01725, 01258, or other 01 or 02 number.

      Packages start from £7.95 per month for FREE, unlimited, anytime calls to UK landlines.

    • How does it work?

      We will provide an adaptor that connects into your Wessex Internet router and provides a port for your existing BT phone.

      1. Choose your plan and set up your Wessex Telephone account
      2. Your hardware will be sent to you in 3 business days
      3. Connect your adaptor to your Broadband router and plug in your home phone
      4. Start enjoying calls
    • How much is the service?

      Wessex Telephone starts from as little as £7.95 per month (Talk Landline). There is no line rental charge.

      You may be charged a one off delivery fee of £5, and a one off hardware charge of £10 for our Talk Landline package.

    • Why would this be of interest to me?

      Now that you have a superfast connection with Wessex Internet you can now take advantage of our Wessex Telephone service to lower your phone bill. Unlike most other broadband providers, Wessex Internet does not require a landline phone for your Internet connection to work. Some customers chose to work from a mobile completely with no landline. However some still like to have a landline phone and local number. Wessex Telephone allows this cost effectively over your Wessex Internet connection.

      You can use your existing BT phones, DECT cordless or extension wiring. Moving to Wessex Internet results in massive cost savings compared to BT lines and improved call quality.

    • Is it reliable?

      Yes! With Wessex Internet’s superfast broadband Internet delivering speeds up to 50 Mb/s wirelessly, you can now easily set up Wessex Telephone. There’s no need to worry about calls cutting out or annoying interruptions.

      As with DECT phones, you will need a power supply for Wessex Telephone to work and an Internet connection.

    • Can I keep my number?

      Yes! We allow you to transfer your existing BT 01 or 02 numbers to your Wessex Telephone account free of charge.

      You can request this when you place your order. If you don’t use BT as your landline billing provider, as long as the underlying line is BT (which in rural Wessex is mostly the case), then you can transfer this.

      Please note, it can take seven to ten working days to port your phone number. We recommend that you do not cancel with your existing provider until the number has been successfully ported to Wessex Internet.

    • Can I get unlimited calls?

      Yes – as standard at no extra charge. Calls to UK 01, 02 & 03 landline calls are free at all times. If you choose the Talk Mobile package, UK mobile calls are also free at all times. Our Talk International package enables free unlimited calls to some international destinations – see our telephone page for more information https://www.wessexinternet.com/telephone

    • Do I still need my BT landline?

      No. Our Internet services do not require a BT landline to work like copper line based broadband does. If you no longer need your landline because you primarily use your mobile, and you’ve had a telephone line just to receive broadband, then you could cancel this to instantly save over £185+ per annum based on BT standard rates.

      Even if you still need your landline number to make and receive calls, you can switch to our Wessex Telephone service.

    • I’m expecting a catch. Are there any hidden charges?

      No. You will need hardware, which is included in the price, with £5 delivery charge and a £10 activation fee (for Talk Landline package only). After that, the only thing you pay for is your monthly call plan fee, plus any calls made to numbers outside of your call package.

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