• What service level response should I expect on a Residential Package?

      (Includes Business Lite Package)Your contracted service response is within 8 working hours of you reporting the issue and you can report issues during working hours or let us know on-line. In reality, if you have an outage which is affecting others and nearby businesses, we’ll be working to rectify issues anyway.

      Our present SLA for residential customers is working at 95% solved within 2 hours of issue reported. Most issues residential clients report are not Wessex Internet network related and could have had a resolution via the guides in the Welcome or Information packs because the matter is related to internal Wi-Fi etc.

    • What service level response should I expect on a Business Package?

      When you are on a Wessex Internet Business Package you get a service level response which respects the fact you need to be up and running quickly after an issue is reported to us. Presently we are solving 98% of issues within 30 minutes of being reported to us even outside business hours. Your SLA is actually 4 hours but we’ll always do our best to get you up and running as quickly as possible..

    • I want to register my interest, when will I receive a response?

      If you are inside our catchment area and are not yet ready to place an order because of your existing contract status, your move to the area, your new job or another very justifiable reason, you may want to register your interest which is very useful for our business planning. However, please place your on-line order 3 to 4 weeks before you want the service so we can schedule our engineers who are usually fully booked for 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Please do not rely on us getting back to you at the right time to take your order.

      If you are outside of our catchment map and have registered your interest we will only get back to you in the near future if:

      • We are actively working on a scheme for your village or community
      • We can see that you might actually be in our coverage area
      • We are very interested in adding your village or community to our coverage area and enquiries are sufficiently high

      We receive a large volume of registrations and from a significant geography which helps us with business planning. Registration does not imply that we will respond with detailed information regarding when we might be able to provide you with Superfast Internet connectivity.

      If we are talking to people in your community about the potential of Wessex Internet coming to your village, please do not expect a same-day response to your registration of interest.

      Just now, in April 2015 we have hundreds of register interest enquiries and we are only responding to those most relevant. Please be aware of this fact, typically only 5 % of conversations outside our area of operation ended up with a connection within 6 months. This is because the costs of getting into new areas are usually a few thousand pounds.

      Due to the massive amount of registrations, we occasionally miss the business or high net worth individual who would have been willing to pay installation capital costs for us to install into their home or village ­ with the attractive by-product of Superfast Internet availability for all in that district. If you are willing to stand the cost of assisting with infrastructure spend (which is seldom ever over £10,000) so that we can connect you, please e-mail info@wessexinternet.com with your details.

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