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    • Do you charge for any UK landline calls?

      Calls to 09 and 118 numbers are chargeable. Other UK landline numbers are included in your package.

      09 and 118 numbers range from 18p per minute to £3.60 per minute, and some also include a connection charge. 

      09 numbers are premium rate numbers and 118 numbers are directory enquiry numbers.

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    • Wireless Extenders/Boosters

      We generally do not recommend wireless boosters however some customers use them to maximise Wi-Fi coverage in their homes.

      PowerLine Adaptors

      PowerLine Adaptors typically come with a Master and Slave. The Master will have a Lan/Ethernet port that will connect into the router’s Lan/Ethernet port.

      Both devices will be plugged into an electrical socket which data is transferred through the Electrical cables from Master to Slave.

      Running data through electrical cables can make the device unstable, dropping connections, slow speeds.

      Problem Solving

      Generally the Wiring in the home must be good. The extenders must not be ran through Electrical power extenders or adaptors. Wireless extenders ideally need to be restarted once and a while.

      If a TV or Games Console is run through them – we would advise that the equipment ideally needs to be Hardwired into the main router.

      Range Extenders

      Range Extenders work by initially connecting to the router using a button called WPS. Once this has connected the range extender connects via Wi-Fi and pushes the signal out extending the distance.

      The devices can cause slow speeds, intermittent connectivity and also interfere with the Wi-Fi signal in the home, the both signal overlap.

      Problem Solving

      They need rebooting from time to time. Moving them away from the router may work. Dropping can be caused when roaming device connects to router instead of extenders.

      Ideal Solution

      The ideal solution is to have Wireless Access points – which are in most cases routers (like our ASUS) that can be turned into Wireless access points with a hard wired connection back to the main router. Also setting the Channel differently to the main router is best practice.

    • How can I improve my Wi-Fi signal, strength and range?

      Wi-Fi signal is relatively short range, and can be blocked by walls or affected by interference from household appliances and other networks.

      It’s possible to get fast Wi-Fi access all over your home, including the garden, but to do so you’ll need to ensure your network is operating efficiently and perhaps invest in some extra hardware.

      Wi-Fi channels

      Wi-Fi networks operate on various channels within their frequency band, and if there are lots of other wireless networks in the area sharing the same channel it can affect performance.

      Check that any devices are connected to both the 2G and 5G networks as this will maximise Wi-Fi coverage across your home.

      Wi-Fi boosters

      You do lose some performance, but they can greatly increase coverage. Powerline network booster, which use your home’s electrical circuits to transmit data between an adapter connected to the router and a booster anywhere else on the same electrical circuit. The advantage of these is that they can be used even in areas where there is no Wi-Fi signal to boost.

      Both are relatively cheap, with basic Wi-Fi boosters starting from under £20.

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    • How does out of bundle usage work?

      Customers are automatically opted-in to out of bundle usage and associated charges should their monthly data transfer exceed 100% of their monthly data allowance.

      Customers can opt-out at any time by contacting us (two working day lead time), and customers who opt-out and who reach their subscribed to monthly data transfer limit will have their connection suspended until the next billing period.

      We recommend customers that frequently exceed their monthly data allowance or anticipate they will need more data, either add additional data bundles through the customer portal to secure better value, or upgrade their package.

    • How do I know when I have nearly used all of my data?

      We will warn you by E-mail when you have reached 80% and another when you have used ALL of your subscribed to monthly traffic allowance. This gives you an opportunity to either adjust your Internet usage to prevent going over your monthly limit, add additional data bundles through the online customer portal at a competitive rate to increase your monthly limit for that month, or choose to go outside of your standard monthly allowance and be charged out of bundle data charges by taking no action.

      When additional data bundles are added automatically, we will notify you by E-mail. Again, during this period, you may contact us to suspend out of bundle charges and usage, or you can add additional data bundles in our online customer portal.

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    • How does it work?

      Wessex Internet connections can be delivered in a number of different ways. The two technologies we use are wireless and fibre. The majority of our end-user connections will come from the Fibre to the Mast technology. This is where a high-speed fibre optic cable links a wireless base station mast to our core network. End-users then have a small radio or dish fitted to the outside of their home or business that picks up the signal from the mast.

    • Do I need line of sight to your base station?

      If you are connecting wirelessly to our network then yes, we will require perfect line of sight between the installation position on your home or business building and our base station. Any trees, branches, buildings, hills, or other obstructions will either block the signal, weaken it, or provide a poor connection experience.

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    • Where do you have coverage?

      We cover parts of Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, and Hampshire. Please check out our specific page for availability.

    • It looks like there's no coverage where I live/work?

      We’re initially being conservative with our coverage maps, so there’s still a chance we may be able to deliver our services to you if you’re near our advertised coverage area, so please register your interest. However for those homes and businesses further afield, we’re expanding our network all the time and if there’s significant demand from a particular region, we’re more than willing to look at expanding our network out. Please note that this would most likely be into more of Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire or Wiltshire. Check out our other regions page to find out more.

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    • How reliable is the service?

      Very. We have a mission-critical fibre optic service powering the network, and this is contracted to 99.9% uptime. We pass this on throughout our core network. We will be more reliable than a copper line broadband service.

    • Will the service cut out when it rains, snows or is foggy?

      Not at all. The frequencies we use travel through rain, snow or fog as if they weren’t there. We have operated through a number of severe snow storms without interruptions.

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    • What do the customer wireless receivers look like?

      Most customer receivers are a 400mm diameter dish. As standard they come white but they can also be painted to blend it in with its surroundings. These are effective up to 5.5km from our mast site.

      Between 5.5km and 7.5km we use a larger 620mm dish.

      Below 2.5km we can often use a 300mm diameter dish.

      Below 1.5km we can often use a 200mm diameter dish.

      For anything under 200m we are able to use our smallest receiver which is is (h) x (w) x (d) 163 x 31 x 80mm or 6.4 x 1.2 x 3.1 inches, that’s the approximate height and width of a 1pt milk carton and half the depth.

    • Do I need planning permission?

      It depends. If you have a listed building, you will most likely need to seek listed building consent. If you aren’t in an ANOB and don’t have a listed building, then you can happily install up to four dishes/antennas on your building. For full details please visit the planning portal government page.

      Please remember that it’s your responsibility to check whether you need planning before we install the customer radio.

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    • Should I subscribe to a business or residential package?

      If the customer is a VAT registered business or if a business is trading from non-residential premises then their order needs to be taken on a business agreement. Such agreements are generally in the business name.

      If the customer is a home worker of a business (where they separately have a Wessex Internet or other ISP business connectivity) then they can go on to a residential package. Such agreements are generally in their personal name.

      If the customer lives at work ­ such as a pub or farm, and if the business is large enough to be VAT registered then they need to take a business agreement.

    • Why is business broadband more expensive than residential packages?

      Wessex Internet services are not only providing up to 50x faster download speeds compared to alternative rural copper broadband, but we’re also providing a 99.9% up-time financially backed SLA, 24×7 support, and prioritisation across our network. We’re in fact providing a lot of the guarantees that you only get with expensive Ethernet circuits. Chances are that the Internet is critical to your business, and we’re providing a compatible business-grade connection.

      Download our Business Connectivity Brochure here to find out more about the benefits Superfast Internet would bring to your business.

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    • My current broadband connection is fast enough!

      You must be a lucky one with access to superfast (24 Mb/s+) broadband from another provider? If you don’t receive superfast broadband, then it’s likely that you are missing out on leading edge services delivered over your Internet connection that can improve your leisure time, save you money or help with business to name three examples.

      Why be left behind, or wait for the incumbent telecoms operators to ‘maybe’ upgrade your area if you can receive a services from a superfast provider today?

    • I'm waiting until BT upgrades the exchange/cabinet

      BT has made it clear that they are only upgrading cabinets for their FTTC broadband in more populated areas. The commercials don’t work for BT and the other carriers if they upgrade small rural exchanges and village cabinets before ones in towns and cities. Even when they get around to the slightly more urban areas such as Blandford, Shaftesbury or Gillingham, we’re seeing that they are not upgrading every cabinet, only those in large housing estates and business parks. Upgrades will come in time, but not for a few years yet.

      We understand that some BT cabinets in villages we serve will be upgraded from Spring 2015. These are part of the Dorset or Wiltshire council schemes which have subsidised the upgrades. You would still have to deal with a provider who will want to charge up to £17 per month line rental before your costs of the service and phone calls.

      If Wessex Internet can serve you, find out how much you could save by choosing one of our packages, or give us a call.

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    • Do you charge for any UK landline calls?

      Calls to 09 and 118 numbers are chargeable. Other UK landline numbers are included in your package.

      09 and 118 numbers range from 18p per minute to £3.60 per minute, and some also include a connection charge. 

      09 numbers are premium rate numbers and 118 numbers are directory enquiry numbers.

    • Do I need to include the UK area code when dialling?

      Yes – as Wessex Telephone uses VoIP, it isn’t geographically linked so you need to input the area code every time you make a call (even if it is the same area code as yours!).

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    • Do you offer an email address and accounts?

      No. Our network is open so that you can use whatever email service you like. Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, Exchange, any IMAP/POP3 service will work with a Wessex Internet service. Please check with your current E-mail provider that you can use it from another Internet connection.

    • What email service do you recommend?

      It depends what you are looking for. Gmail and Outlook.com (previously called Hotmail) are two of the most popular free email services around. You can access them from any web connection, through a web browser, on your smartphone, using an email program like Microsoft Outlook. If you are an ‘Apple’ house, then iCloud may be for you. For businesses, you may consider Gmail or Microsoft Office 365 Exchange. Wessex Internet connection will work with pretty much everything.

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    • What service level response should I expect on a Residential Package?

      (Includes Business Lite Package)Your contracted service response is within 8 working hours of you reporting the issue and you can report issues during working hours or let us know on-line. In reality, if you have an outage which is affecting others and nearby businesses, we’ll be working to rectify issues anyway.

      Our present SLA for residential customers is working at 95% solved within 2 hours of issue reported. Most issues residential clients report are not Wessex Internet network related and could have had a resolution via the guides in the Welcome or Information packs because the matter is related to internal Wi-Fi etc.

    • What service level response should I expect on a Business Package?

      When you are on a Wessex Internet Business Package you get a service level response which respects the fact you need to be up and running quickly after an issue is reported to us. Presently we are solving 98% of issues within 30 minutes of being reported to us even outside business hours. Your SLA is actually 4 hours but we’ll always do our best to get you up and running as quickly as possible..

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    • Can I use my own router on residential packages?

      We provide a router as standard with the installation. Therefore you don’t need to supply your own router. We only allow business package customers the ability to use their own router. Providing and managing the residential router helps ensure the network is secure, reliable and high performing. Residential “power users” who need to use their own router must subscribe to a business package or in exceptional cases and after a disclaimer has been signed, you can use a compatible router.

      If residential customers require the default router settings, here they are: DHCP server on; default gateway, DHCP scope192.168.1.1-, UPnP on; firewall on. Residential customers may request a free change request once per quarter such as turning on port forwarding. Additional requests are chargeable at £10 per change.

    • Can I use my own Wi-Fi access point or Ethernet over mains adapters?

      Yes. Anything you plug in downstream of our router is your responsibility and under your control, support and management. We don’t mind what you plug into our router, as long as you conform to our terms and conditions. You are responsible for setting up these devices and the support.

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